How Do Energy Companies Prove They Reduce Their Carbon Foot Print?

With the energy, and the oil and gas markets facing the ESG investors there has been no measurable way for companies to prove they are in fact reducing their carbon footprint. You can say “We are reducing our carbon footprint and have a great ESG plan”.  But investors had no way to verify that performance.

We were lucky enough to have William Fox, Chief Product Officer at Data Gumbo Corporation stop by the ENB Podcast. I have had the privilege of interviewing Andrew Bruce several times and have had a great time following Data Gumbo on their impressive and successful journey.

Blockchain technology and Data Gumbo have a really good idea of what it takes.

Please connect with William Fox on his LinkedIn account, or check out Data Gumbo. If you’re investing in energy, check to see if they are using Data Gumbo’s blockchain technology.

Andrew, that may be a new marketing campaign idea. “Only invest in companies that can validate their ESG plans”.  Well, never mind your guys said it better with “Realizing Transactional Certainty – Modern enterprise delivers value through trust” actually says it all. – Great job Data Gumbo.


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