“Climate Change Cult At It Again”: Apple Users Frustrated With ‘Green Charging’

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A silly feature introduced with iOS 16.1 called “Clean Energy Charging” has upset some iPhone users as their devices will only charge when lower carbon-emission electricity on the grid is available.

Some iPhone users reported when iOS 16.1 was installed — their devices were automatically selected for Clean Energy Charging. Charging when the grid is ‘green’ has its disadvantages for the user experience, who might incur slower charge times.

Twitter is a buzz this morning with frustrated Apple users. Some complained about ‘slower iPhone charging’ and encouraged others to turn off the setting.

While Apple is forcefully trying to reduce the carbon footprint of iPhone users to fight climate change, don’t bring up the sobering reality about all the carbon emissions it takes to mine lithium and other rare Earth metals for Apple products. Also, don’t bring up company execs, such as Tim Cook, who fly on private jets.

What irks the average person is that corporate elites and governments impose life-altering climate change measures on the working poor while the rules don’t apply to the rich. Recall the Biden administration is trying to ban gas stoves.


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