Daily Energy Standup Episode #44 Can we get get to 100% renewable? The truth about Stu and Davos, Saudis commiting to trade oil in other currancies, and wind is it’s own biggest problem.

Show notes:

Michael misunderstood when he told the world that Stu was having meetings in Davos. They actually would not talk to him or other press. It is really fun watching Davos and the world’s reactions.

Is 100% Renewable Energy even obtainable? Please let us know your thoughts, and if you have facts on either side of the equation, we want to hear from you. Please give us your feedback, and schedule some time for a discussion HERE.

Saudi Arabia Says Open to Settling Trade in Other Currencies – Another blow to the U.S. Dollar

UK could save over £100bn by focussing 100% on renewables, report claims – What do you think?

Download the 100% renewable report for the UK HERE

The wind industry’s success has become its biggest threat

EU announces its own ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ for renewables and energy storage



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