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Daily Energy Standup Episode #45 -Is Scoland’s Net Zero Plans Involving Child Abuse? Some Claim Energy Crisis Is Over, But What Do You Think?

150x150.jpgThis is Monday, the 23rd, and we are starting a great week. There is lots of stuff going on around the world. When discussing Net Zero in Scotland and worldwide, we must look at the entire supply chain. Buying products that hurt children and devastate lives so we can feel good about ourselves is only one form of the total “Energy Hypocrisy Value Chain.”



The Nordstream Pipeline could be repaired, but will it happen politically? In my opinion, no. What do you think?

The Nord Stream Pipeline Could Be Repaired Within A Year

ENB #98 The Clean Energy Crisis by Donn Dears, The challenge of replacing fossil fuels. We talked about a key solution in the EV space.

The Dangerous Fantasy Of Scotland’s Net-Zero Energy Transition – Way beyond cutting 14 million trees for wind farms – Child abuse?

The World Economy No Longer Needs Russia – But we are not out of the Energy Crisis for years.

Glencore halts copper mine operations in Peru due to violent protests, worth billions.




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