Dennis Quaid documentary ‘Grid Down, Power Up’ explores dangers of sudden electric grid failure – Fox

Actor says a power grid catastrophe would make COVID look 'like a kids' show'

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Actor Dennis Quaid is known for his multi-faceted roles on the silver screen, but he recently released a documentary about the prospect of a power grid outage that would send the United States “back to the 1880s.”

Quaid joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the documentary and explore the possibility of what he said could be caused by anything from terrestrial attacks on power stations to a Chinese balloon carrying incendiary payload over U.S. airspace.

Host Jesse Watters quipped that Quaid’s latest venture “scare[d] the heck out of” him, while playing clips from the film.

In it, Quaid explains how the U.S. power grid is often overlooked in terms of its sensitivity and importance to daily life.

“Heat, gas for our cars, transportation for food-restocking — all of it relies to some extent on electricity. But no one likes to focus on what could happen if it all suddenly is taken away,” he said in his narration.

On “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Quaid added there have already been several attacks and plots against U.S. substations, including one recent situation where two suspects plotted sequential attacks on Baltimore-area substations they hoped would grind Charm City to a halt.

“This is not ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ by the way. This is tomorrow,” Quaid said, nodding to his 2004 apocalyptic film. “I think it could happen, and it’s a problem that we can fix.”

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