Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Enters Catch-Up Mode

Electric Vehicle

With bans on the production of petrol– and diesel-powered cars on the horizon in a number of key markets, the pace of EV penetration is really picking up. When it comes to public infrastructure to match this growing demand though, a lot of countries are still a long way behind .

As the latest forecasts from Statista’s Mobility Market Outlook indicate however, revenues in this essential piece of the electric mobility puzzle are finally starting to enter catch-up mode. As this infographic shows, after a number of years with slow progress being registered, turnover in the sector is picking up at a more significant speed.

When measured from 2017 to 2027, Statista currently expects a 47.7 percent compound annual growth rate for global electric vehicle infrastructure revenues. As detailed in the report, the Mobility Market Outlook defines the scope of the forecasts as follows: “The electric vehicle infrastructure segment includes public charging stations. In this context, public means that the charging infrastructure is reachable via unrestricted access. Therefore, private charging stations at homes or residential parking lots, workplaces, car dealers, etc. are not included.”

Infographic: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Enters Catch-Up Mode | Statista

Source: Statista.com

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