ENB #59: What does Bitcoin have to do with ESG in countering “Greenwashing” in corporate America?

Each and every one of my podcasts is a treat for me to sit down with energy industry leaders from around the world. I can learn from their expertise on the different subjects, and today is no exception.

Bryan Daugherty, Public Policy Director with BSV Bitcoin Association, a Switzerland based organization to increase Bitcoins SV’s utility by enhancing interoperability, development of international standards, and that they are readily available. When you look at Bryan’s LinkedIn and see his title, it is fun to see; Subject Matter Expert in Blockchain, ESG & Information Security, Cybersecurity, Commercial Blockchain, Development and Enterprise Transformation, Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator. Ok when you see his pedigree an hear our discussion, you will quickly learn that he would be a great asset in any Bitcoin or Blockchain technology discussion.

Brian is also the Co-Founder, Chairman, Technical Advisor for SmartLedger – “The World’s Leading Blockchain Distribution Channel. You can check out that company on the link below.

I mean this was a fun interview with Bryan as he is truly a thought leader in blockchain technology and how it fits into security. We cover how the energy sector can take full advantage of the security, as we have seen firsthand how cyber terrorism can affect entire areas of the country.  Like the Colonial Pipeline and even the three different power grids in the United States.

It is frightening what damage can be done without enhancing the security around our total energy infrastructure. Couple that with the “Greenwashing” going on in the industry of companies trying to promote their ESG performance with unverified numbers. Blockchain can help ESG reporting and accountability.

As I have said before: “The sky is blue, water is wet, and there is no ESG without accountability.” The Stu Turley version of the Joe Hallenbeck quote from The Last Boyscout.

We even talk about Bitcoin how its technology has changed, and actually a bit (Pun) of the history. A technical talk that Bryan dumbed down for me and really explained. His industry thought leadership status is well deserved.

If you are interested in Blockchain, security, and Bitcoin this is a fun and informative podcast for you to listen on any of the platforms, watch on YouTube, or access the information on the Energynewsbeat.com website.

Thank you, Bryan for stopping by the ENB Podcast! I had an absolute blast and look forward to our future discussions. – Stu

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