ENB #62: How do we get energy independence and improve national security? We talk with an Enverus VP on critical components.

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Sarp Ozkan

CEOs, Industry Experts, and both of my fans know that I enjoy talking about energy. It is great fun to learn from industry thought leaders, and today is no exception. Sarp Ozkan, VP, Enverus, stopped by the ENB podcast. As usual, we had a blast talking about everything energy in the world. And I mean ALL things, National security, energy transition, geopolitical, U.S. policies, disproportionally impacted communities and countries, supply chain, and renewable energy.

When we talk about industry experts, it seems like Enverus has a way of finding great leaders. Sarp and I talked about how data is the key to understanding the energy market. When you can have data across the entire energy spectrum, you can then make the best road maps for consumers and corporations.

At the time we recorded the podcast we talked about LNG and the global markets, and that natural gas is going to change to steady demand and not a seasonal commodity.

Thank you Sarp for stopping by the ENB podcast, I had so much fun! Your thought leadership is very much appreciated! I am looking forward to our next conversation.

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