ENB #64: Irina Slav, Are Renewable Energy Sources Really Renewable?

Irina Slav

Irina Slav is an international thought leader, and I really appreciate her opinions and her humor! We had our regular monthly check-in from Bulgaria and Dallas. We covered the current geopolitical issues and even the real question that is on everyone’s mind lately; “Is renewable energy really renewable?”.

There is a great awakening around the world unfolding as the renewable energy and climate change narrative has run into some serious roadblocks. The total failure of the renewable narrative is that the pricing is coming down, less impact on the environment, and has the technology to support a worldwide growing energy demand. We need all types of energy, but we just don’t need to print money and force the technology when it is not ready.

Just like the Dutch farmers being forced to quit using fertilizer and eliminating significant portions of their livestock in the name of climate change. Decisions are not always made with the consumers in mind. There are ways to get low-cost energy to everyone on the planet and produce it using the least amount of impact on the environment. We need a plan, and people to come to the discussion table with an open mind.

We need to have a discussion from all sides, not just one side yelling at the other.

Irina publishes on substack, Oilprice.com, and is on several other podcasts regularly like the Energy Transition with David Blackmon and Armando Cavanha. Please follow Irina on all platforms if you want to know the real energy story.

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