Oil Was Almost $150 the Last Time U.S. Gasoline Cost This Much

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ENB Publishers Note: Using the strategic reserves won’t help a thing. This problem has been caused by 20 years of bad energy policies. That is like a term band-aid that is put on a wet cut – it does not do anything. 

U.S. retail gasoline prices are poised to average more than $4 a gallon in three states for the first time in 13 years as energy prices surge and fan fears of inflation.

The average price of gasoline is already above $4 a gallon in California and Hawaii and, at $3.97 a gallon, is poised to cross the mark in Nevada as well, according to AAA. The last time that happened in three states at the same time was in 2008, a time when oil surged to an all-time record of more than $147 a barrel.