Russia, China switch to national currencies in payments for gas. Biden’s foreign policy helped.

Russia, China also actively switching to national currencies for payments of oil supplies, products, says deputy prime minister

If Russia is to succeed in replacing lost oil and gas exports to the West, China will have to be the buyer of much of them, as the pipeline infrastructure to other potential buyers is limited

ENB Pub Note: Biden’s foreign policies have accelerated the world to move away from the United States dollar for oil. This could have been avoided with good foreign diplomacy skills. Most Americans do not realize the damage that has been done to the value of the U.S. currency and global standing. BRICS and BRICS + are following the Saudi, Russian and Chinese path away from the U.S. dollar. 

Russia said on Friday that it and China had switched to national currencies in their trade for natural gas, implementing a deal they signed in early September.

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Noting that Beijing already paid for Russian gas based on the ruble-yuan parity, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in a televised interview that payments in national currencies covered gas supplies from Russia and equipment sales from China.

Novak also told broadcaster Rossiya 24 TV that the two countries were also actively switching to payments in their national currencies for oil supplies and petroleum products.

Russian energy giant Gazprom announced a deal on Sept. 6 with state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to use the national currencies in natural gas payments.

They signed a long-term gas purchase and sale agreement to supply gas from Russia to China through a route in the “Far East,” where Gazprom has started to design and build a gas pipeline.

– Gazprom wants to expand supplies to Asia due to sanctions

Due to restrictions imposed by Western nations on the Russian banking system, Russia is trying to shift away from using dollars and euros as payment in international agreements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Western countries imposing sanctions on his country as “unfriendly countries” and said they must pay for gas supplies in rubles.

Gazprom aims to increase its supplies to Asian markets, particularly China, as natural gas exports to Europe have dropped sharply due to sanctions.

Last year, Gazprom transported 10.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline, which has an annual gas capacity of 38 billion cubic meters.