Tim Ball’s Memorial Fund Wrap Up

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To All,

Our entire family has been humbled by all the wonderful communications regarding Dr. Ball, and to all who contributed to his memorial fund.

As a family we intend on keeping the archive of Dr. Ball’s work and writings in as many formats as feasible.  A portion of the contributions will be put to that end.

The tally so far is at approximately $25,000 Canadian.

Grateful to Anthony Watts for hosting (with extreme patience and kindness) this event, and those who stand behind Anthony to make “Watts Up With That?” the legend it has become.

For those wondering why we aren’t pursuing legal action, it is not complicated. Suffice to say ”ain’t no gas left in the tank”.

For those suggesting “pro bono”, the truth is, it is never pro bono in the end and the stress of 30 years of battling the activists in court has done the intended damage.

There are plenty taking up the mantle of logic and reason, thankfully, and we will support them as we have Dr. Ball.

Thank you to every last one of you reading this from the entire Ball family.


David C Ball on behalf of Martha Ball and family

“The process is the punishment” -Mark Steyn





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