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We talk about the Energy Crisis, Problems, and Solutions with Cato Institute’s Colin Grabow

Colin Grabow is a rockstar and a Fellow at the Cato Institue. We had a fun talk about the current energy crisis in the United States. Colin, Inu Manak, and Daniel Ikenson published “The Jones Act – A Burden America Can No Longer Bear” back in 2018. It is clear that the Cato Institute has great information, people, and resources. You have to listen to our podcast, get a copy of the paper, and call your elected officials. This single Act can do more for energy policy than anything else in the short term. A possible reason that It has not been repealed yet is because of lobbyists in Washington. We all know that lobbyists don’t always have the United States citizen’s interests at heart.

Listen to the podcast below or on YouTube, Rumble, or any of your favorite sources.

I have always said it is ok to complain, but have a solution to any problem that you complain about. We are in the biggest crisis the world has ever seen. Energy is the single best resource to elevate humanity from poverty. There are over 3 billion people without clean fuel to cook and about 940 million without any electricity at all. You have to have low-cost, sustainable energy with the least amount of impact on the environment for everyone. And JPMorgan says that lifting the Jones Act would only impact “pain at the pump” by 10 cents. I highly disagree and would welcome the opportunity to discuss their calculations.

Here is the catch, in the past 20 years the renewable energy migration was forced on the disproportionally impacted communities and countries through printed money, and false information regarding the feasibility of the current technology capabilities of renewables.

I would like to get a panel with Colin and any member of congress that wants to talk about energy solutions and get it in front of the voters. Let’s see if we can help solve the problem, and not just complain. And let’s invite JPMorgan to see about their calculations. We need all of the help we can get.

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