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We talk with Susan Combs the Chairperson of the Board for the Carbon Neutral Coalition – We talk all things ESG, Carbon Capture and fun,

Susan Combs - Carbon Neutral Coalition

Susan Combs CHAIRPERSON - Carbon Neutral Coalition

There are several things that I am passionate about like cycling, disproportionally impacted communities and energy policies, and ESG in the truest sense. I had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Combs, Chairperson of the Carbon Neutral Coalition and it was a great discussion with a true industry thought leader.

There is no ESG without accountability, and there will not be a migration to carbon neutrality without CCUS and the proper energy plan to deliver the lowest cost kWh to consumers with the lowest impact on the environment.

Just being introduced to the Carbon Neutral Coalition is a real treat, and I highly recommend that you follow all of their board members and get involved with their mission. They are on the right path to impact Texas and the United States.

Thank you Susan for stopping by the podcast, and look forward to visiting again.

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