What happens when the lights don’t come on? We talk to Enverus about all things power and ERCOT.

There are a lot of things we take for granted, spouses, your pet’s affection, food at the grocery store, and most of all the electricity when you flip the switch. When any of those are missing we feel a tremendous negative hit on our personal well-being. Well, now that we are in a worldwide energy crisis the spotlight shines (pun) on electricity when it does not come on and the upcoming food shortage.

I was fortunate enough to have Rob Allerman, Senior Director Power Analytics, Enverus, stop by the ENB podcast. We planned this at the Enverus Evolve conference and recorded shortly after. We talk about ERCOT, lessons learned, and earned. Rob brings our fantastic points about how renewables, fossil fuels, and nuclear all play their parts in the Texas ERCOT energy system.

Thank you Rob for stopping by the ENB podcast, and a shout out to Jon for setting this up. Please follow Rob on his LinkedIn and check out Enverus for all things energy data.




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