Energy Thought Leadership is more critical as there have been over 25 years of bad energy policies. "The Balanced Diet of Energy" is what we refer to the use of all forms of energy to deliver the lowest kWh to the consumers, with the least impact on the environment. 

The ENB Podcast hosted by Stu Turley, and Michael Tanner. Years and hundreds of podcasts, they are still friends. Their guests have more fun than should be allowed while covering key issues around Energy, Politics, Geopolitical, Finance, Energy Tech, and even into social issues. 

We have found that our unique blend of though leadership with our own expertise blends  in a unique mold. 

The thought leadership program we use is post on ENB, funnel out to 15 other news an corporate other sites, post on all socials, and have a great production staff to automate the entire process. 

Stu Turley and Michael Tanner Co Host the ENB Show

Stu and Michael have recorded hundreds of podcasts, and it is amazing they still get along.

David Blackmon's Energy Absurdity 

The Sandstone Group is proud to support the David Blackmon's Energy Question podcast is a platform for people to voice their opinions in the energy markets from Left, Right, Wind, Solar, Oil and Gas. We need all forms of energy, but in the best way possible. 

Check out his Podcasts, and Website. 

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The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth - With The Rey Trevino

The Sandstone Group is a sponsor of the Crude Truth. Rey Trevino has set a course to reach the truth in the oil patch.  Don't miss an episode with Rey.

Connect with Ray on his LinkedIn here: Ray Trevino

No one is safe from jokes, especially us! RT Trevino, E&P owner, David Blackmon, Forbes Author, and Stu Turley, Well, we are not sure what he does, but all have a blast kicking energy around.