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Energy Crisis 2021: How Bad Is It, And How Long Will It Last? – Got any solutions?
Permian Oil Output Is Nearing Record Pre-Pandemic Levels
How Do Energy Companies Look For The Lowest kWh For Their Consumers? – Especially In A Energy Crisis
A Top U.S. Seller of Carbon Offsets Starts Investigating Its Own Projects
Days After Ida, Storm’s True Impact on Energy Sector Emerges
More Money Than Ever Is Flowing Into Climate Tech

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The Oil Price Collapse Continues -Industry summary

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Aramco Bucks Trend by Prioritizing Oil Output Over Dividends

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ExxonMobil earns USD 4.7 billion in second quarter 2021

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Antero Midstream Announces Second Quarter 2021 Financial and Operational Results

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    Crude Oil Inventories - Data via EIA updated every Wednesday at 8:30 AM MST
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    Natural Gas Inventories - Data via EIA updated every Thursday at 10 AM MST
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    Economic Calendar - Weekly via Forex Factory
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    Commitment of Traders (Oil) - Data via CFTC updated every Friday  

Rig Count via Mudrock Energy (updated every Friday) 

About Mudrock Energy

Mudrock Energy, LLC is a consulting company providing specialized geoscience analysis and market research across the energy industry.  We work with you to find solutions to your needs and bring more energy to the world.

Most clients are upstream oil and gas companies, but Mudrock also works with investment groups, landowners, and other energy professionals.

The founder of Mudrock is Dave Boyer, an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist.  Dave has worked for independent oil and gas companies developing a broad geoscience and operational background.

Mudrock is based near Pittsburgh, PA, in the heart of the Marcellus and Utica shale plays and is a Pennsylvania based Limited Liability Company.

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Follow Dave's blog as he takes you through the world of oil and gas using ArcGIS 

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Texas pipeline operator Altus to combine with Blackstone-backed BCP Raptor
EXCLUSIVE U.S. slows down oil and gas mergers-sources
Enbridge in $3 Billion Deal to Add U.S. Oil Export Capacity

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