Thought Leadership on Energy Industry Key Topics

In today's market, we have to get as much good data to make decisions. In the world's energy crisis, good data is hard to come by. We focus on key market indices, technology, trends and what's coming around the corner.  Our Guests are all leaders in their own right. We have fun and cover the issues in ways you have never heard before. 

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ENB Industry Thought Leader Interviews. We have had over 100 top interviews with industry thought leaders covering the entire energy sector. CEOs, Authors, Analysts, Dr.s, and all of the interviews have one thing in common. We have fun, while getting important information about nuclear, renewable, oil, gas, geopolitical, markets and energy tech. If you have what it takes to have fun and share your vision. Let us know! 

With the ENB podcast in 85 countries, our fans and our great guests we are on track for the Million Downloads, listens, and articles on the news webiste and on anywhere you get your favorite podcasts.

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ENB Daily Energy Standup. Hosted by Michael Tanner and Stu Turley, they are the model for the odd couple, or wildy entertaining news. We have apprtiated that large audiance support, questions and suggestions. We want feedback from all different energy view points like renewble, fossil, EVs, energy storage, finace, international and U.S political and nuclear view points. 

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