Bidenomics simplified


President Biden is trying to explain Bidenomics.  I will help him out a bit here with a summary.  Economics is a challenging field of study, and I hope this may help you explain Bidenomics to people who are asking about it.

What is Bidenomics?

Simply put, Bidenomics is borrowing trillions from China, to spend on a green new deal and to enrich China and its U.S. and international supporters.  As part of this green new deal, cut off as much oil and gas production in the U.S. as possible to drive prices higher.

In addition, part of the green new deal is to enact a host of regulations on everything, including alcohol, beer, cars, ceiling fans, fertilizer, gas stoves, lawnmowers, light bulbs, plastics, vaccinations, etc.  Essentially regulate for the American people everything from alcohol to zoos.

And, as they are spending and splitting trillions and they have raised prices on everything, they have put a few programs together that might save the American people millions.  Remember, trillions for them, millions for the rest of us.

Open the border, and allow millions of illegal aliens into the country to supply cheap labor.

Stigmatize white Americans into unemployment just for being white.

How much might Bidenomics cost?

Well, we now have estimates on the record that the cabal pushing the green new deal are estimating $50–70 trillion in new spending over 10–15 years.  China stands to benefit both with the expansion of China’s green new deal products and with the interest on the debt taken out to pay for the forced transition.  This video with Senator Kennedy and a DOE “expert” is telling about what the supposed expert won’t answer.

This is a direct cash spend on top of other increased government spending, and it does not take into account the impact of the price increases caused by inflation, the production cuts in oil and gas, and the new regulations.  Probably trillions more in Americans’ disposable income spending will be allocated for us on these programs.

Expect American unemployment rates to start to rise as all these illegal aliens are given work visas.

What do you get for Bidenomics?

This Isn't Your Grandpa's Thc - It's Way Stronger!

Sacrifice your livelihood, financial independence, and freedom for the green new deal.

If you are a white American, unemployment.

Almost no improvement in the Earth’s temperature.

War on fossil fuel energy, which has allowed the U.S. to grow and prosper like no other country.

Massive inflation from the spending that is occurring.

More important than the inflation is the massive price increases from the inflation that will be with us for some time.  With all the new regulations that are being primed, prices will continue to move higher and higher.

New products that are significantly more expensive and offer almost no new benefits to the environment or to the American people.

You might save a little money on certain drug purchases.

The largest wealth transfer in world history from the American people to Biden, China, and his allies.

Bidenomics, simply put, is for Americans to sacrifice personally and financially by watching “them” spending trillions to enrich Biden and his allies while throwing a few million in crumbs to the American people.  And they will do that while simultaneously destroying freedom via regulating everything and crushing our way of life.  Oh, and all that spending will change nothing in the Earth’s climate.  Watch the video referenced, and see the “expert” squirm when pressed about how much impact all the trillions of dollars will have on the climate.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a patriot who can understand and explain advanced math and science and is worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand, divided we fall.


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