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Fred Zeidman on the ENB Podcast
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Fred is the Co-Chair and Director of the Council for a Secure America; he stops by the podcast, and we have a discussion that is critical for the energy security of the United States. This is a fun conversation and we cover just about everything needed for a country to remain a sovereign nation. The global geopolitical climate has changed, and we need to pay attention to the U.S. / Isreal relationship. It is a long-term, critical ally for the United States and was instrumental in the Abraham Accords put into effect under the previous administration.

Being an industry thought leader and influencer is very evident early in the conversation. We even got into his relationship with Harold Hamm and scheduled dinner following the podcast.  It would be great to have Harold and Fred on a special edition of the ENB podcast.

Fred Zeidman

Enjoy the podcast, and connect with Fred on his LinkedIn HERE. 

00:00 – Intro

00:03:14 -Real Clear Energy Policy (Article)

06:19 – An attribute that back again all to oil.

10:17 -Talks about Sanctions

12:14 – New Pipelines, Leviathan field is critical to replace the Russian gas

16:49 – New York is banning natural gas stoves and Talks About Pipelines

20:25 – Talks about China


– Natural Gas

-Building a coal plant

23:46 – Bitcoin miners up

25:50 – America’s Energy Issue

31:00 – Outro

About Fred Zeidman:

Over the course of his distinguished 45-year career, Mr. Zeidman has been involved in numerous high-profile workouts, restructurings and reorganizations. He was former CEO, President and Chairman of Seitel, Inc., a Houston-based provider where he was instrumental in the successful turnaround of the Company. He most recently served as Chief Restructuring Officer of Transmeridian Exploration, Inc. and Bankruptcy Trustee AremisSoft Corp. He held the post of Chairman of the Board and CEO of Unibar Corporation, the largest domestic independent drilling fluids company, until its sale to Anchor Drilling Fluids.

Mr. Zeidman is also Chairman Emeritus of Gordian Group, the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, Chairman Emeritus of the University of Texas Health Science System Houston, interim Chief Financial Officer of the Texas Heart Institute and is Vice Chancellor of the Houston Community College System. He further serves on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the University of Saint Thomas and is National Campaign Chairman of Development Corp of Israel (Israel Bonds).

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Stuart Turley [00:00:04] Hey, good morning, everybody. Today is just not a great day. It’s a fantastic day. My name’s Stuart Turley, president and CEO of the Sandstone Group. I got a really special guest that just stopped by the podcast. I’ve got Fred Zeidman.


Stuart Turley [00:00:18] And, I mean, we are going to have a fabulous conversation. Fred is the co-chair and director for the Council for a Secure America. He served as the chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council from 2000 to 2010, and that was a presidential appointed from George W Bush.


Stuart Turley [00:00:41] And we’re going to talk about that. You have to correct me on on that. And he’s also the chairman emeritus of the University of Texas Health Science System, Houston. Thank you, Fred, for stopping by the podcast.


Fred Zeidman [00:00:54] Well, thank you. I’m glad to do it. I see two baseballs behind you. I didn’t even ask you about that.


Stuart Turley [00:01:00] Oh, those are my yeah, those are my.


Fred Zeidman [00:01:01] Dad’s brought on before me and he’s a big is as big a baseball fan as I am. So I wonder if he noticed and ask you about that too. So we’re here to talk about. But don’t get me started on that. We’ll never get around to the.


Stuart Turley [00:01:15] Oh, no. Nolan Ryan signed those, so you know those. That’s about as far as I guess.


Fred Zeidman [00:01:21] Well, see, this is the problem. Nolan is from Alvin, Texas. I’m from Wharton, Texas. Okay. I informed Nolan and I have been friends since we were in high school. Oh, how formed him that I’m responsible for three of his strikeouts in his career is the last thing I ever wanted to do was bat against Nolan Ryan.


Fred Zeidman [00:01:41] So I swung. If not the first nine pitches he threw to me and the three times up batted against him. And he wasn’t even Nolan Ryan back then. I just swung and missed because I didn’t want to. He was some skinny kid, though, with 90-mile-an-hour fastballs. Wow. I wanted nothing to do with them now. That was my first ever since. But anyway.


Stuart Turley [00:02:05] You know what? You know, and a little bit of inside baseball. Not to make a pun, but you wrote an article with Congressman Frost, Martin Frost, Out of Real Clear Politics just a little bit ago. So we want to talk about the world geopolitical. And we also, as we delve through this, find out about your background in those things.


Fred Zeidman [00:02:28] Right.


Stuart Turley [00:02:29] But in the energy crisis right now, in in in the mixed up crazy world we have right now, Fred, there are some weird things going on and everybody is in. When they listen to our podcast, they understand that we have to deliver the lowest kilowatt per hour to everybody on the planet with the least amount of impact on the environment.


Stuart Turley [00:02:53] Let’s use all sources of energy. Well, let’s not print money, and let’s thatmeans nuclear, wind, solar, natural gas, oil, let’s use all of it and responsible and have some good policies on that. So tell us a little bit about your article with Real Clear Energy Policy. I also saw some of your other interviews. So you really are out there on energy security.


Fred Zeidman [00:03:20] Well, first of all, Energy Security Council Secure America, by the way, was formed about 30 years ago. And my cochairman is Harold Hamm. No way. And I didn’t know if your listeners are our listeners today. We’re aware of that or not. But as you all know, Harold Hamm is the single largest independent oil producer in America,.


Stuart Turley [00:03:46] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:03:47] He owns and now owns again since he took his company private, the Bakken Shale. He’s the man that made energy and made America energy independent. Yet we are not anymore. And that certainly in Harold Small we can get into that if you want to. But the organization was formed as a nonpartisan organization.


Stuart Turley [00:04:13] Right


Fred Zeidman [00:04:14] The Democratic half of it was a man in New York who passed away. And after he passed away, I was asked to become Harold’s cochairman and counsel for America. Our purpose was to talk about energy security and the importance of Israel, if you will, to American security.


Fred Zeidman [00:04:40] So that was the that was the original purpose of the organization and why it is so important to Israel’s security, to the United States and security that we be energy independent. I was single handedly taking care of that. We are supposed to be nonpartisan and finding a Democrat who is supportive, that issue right is pretty difficult.


Fred Zeidman [00:05:08] So finding Martin Frost, who’s been so active with us since the beginning, and anybody out there where she represented the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And it’s from Fort Worth. So the reason that we did the article and the reason that we did the article, the way we did it was to show that this is not a Republican or a Democratic issue or problem.


Fred Zeidman [00:05:34] This is an American security problem. And I think that if you look at the chaos that we have right now, this could all be related. You know, my dear friend Daniel Yergin, who Bobulinski is going to be our guest at our board dinner tomorrow night in Washington.


Stuart Turley [00:05:56] Nice.


Fred Zeidman [00:05:58] You might get a whole different opinion about Wednesday when I go to the mountain and talk to the guru. But, you know, he has always said that oil has been has been at the source of every major war in history. Well, if you look at the mess that we’re in right now, I think you can attribute that back again all to oil.


Fred Zeidman [00:06:25] And I think it had a lot to do. And this is going to be my first question to him tomorrow night, Stu. Yeah. When the crown prince and Russia cut oil prices back to $20 a barrel, they cut a third, which they didn’t realize the effect it would have on them. But it certainly they understood the effect it would have on us.


Stuart Turley [00:06:54] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:06:54] Took them a while. They felt like they could withstand it. Saudi Arabia certainly could. Right? Russia could. But we took care of that by driving prices, by cutting oil production, cutting federal leases, cutting the Keystone pipeline, not being able to get any of the oil, particularly the oil produced and gas produced by Harold.


Stuart Turley [00:07:18] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:07:19] And he was out of the market when they shut down the Keystone pipeline. None of it was going to get to Galveston. No. And I can tell you, we have a home on Galveston Bay just outside of the ship channel and watching. There aren’t near as many oil tankers pulling out in front of my house as there were four or five years ago when this car administration did this.


Fred Zeidman [00:07:43] Now, I know I didn’t hear Martin’s podcast. I know he has a little different spin on all of this, But but hopefully you and I can look at the facts and we see the result of this.


Stuart Turley [00:07:59] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:07:59] We  refinanced Iran. They were broke because of the sanctions. We refinanced Russia because, you know, Russia, for all intents and purposes, is a gas station. You know, is nothing but a gas station with you know, with oil pipelines. And we cut that off. Well, all of a sudden, China, who is the world’s biggest consumer.


Stuart Turley [00:08:27] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:08:27] And and all they needed to do was buy all Russian all the oil Russia could produce. And so they brought Russia back into financial stability. Right. Everybody else got in the middle of it. So world order has been disrupted once again.


Stuart Turley [00:08:47] It’s Horrible thing.


Fred Zeidman [00:08:48] Blame it totally on the oil industry because that’s what’s financed all of this.


Stuart Turley [00:08:53] Well, you know, sanctions don’t work, Fred, And in the abuse and I’m going to just call this out real quick, Fred. Martin, Congressman Frost is old school Democrat. And like well, like you and I were talking about in Oklahoma when I worked with the legislature. With with everything else, you could not tell the difference between Democrat and Republican. And it was all about the people.


Fred Zeidman [00:09:21] You got. It.


Stuart Turley [00:09:22] Congressman Frost is one old school Democrat. I love the. Fellows.


Fred Zeidman [00:09:27] I mean, I love him and America first. He understands that it’s America first. You bet. And I had a conversation, you know, with another guy that I’ve been close to. I claim he’s the only Democrat I ever write checks to. But Henry Clay. And Henry has always said to me when he was in the Texas state legislature that they would holler and scream and carry on when they were on the floor with the lights on them.


Fred Zeidman [00:09:54] And as soon as the lights went off, they’d go down the street to the desk, to the Roscoe Hotel, and everybody would smoke a cigar, drink a scotch and do what’s right for Texas and do what’s right for the United States. We don’t have that. We have it with the old timers like Martin Frost. Right. Understand the need for energy self-sufficiency.


Stuart Turley [00:10:17] You know, sanctions don’t work. In fact, sanctions.


Fred Zeidman [00:10:20] Yeah, I’m sorry. Sanctions will work if everybody in the world if everybody in the world will observe.


Stuart Turley [00:10:28] Exactly.


Fred Zeidman [00:10:29] Don’t work when only the good guys are enforcing them and the bad guys are totally ignoring them and totally consuming all of the sanctioned oil. I’m sorry. Go ahead. Well, I thought, well.


Stuart Turley [00:10:44] Well, and right nhe Russian oil is being shipped to India. It’s being shipped to about three or four different areas. It’s being then produced and refined and then shipped back to Europe in the form of diesel. And in China was taking Russian LNG and turning around and selling it back to the EU.


Stuart Turley [00:11:16] I mean, how does that work? That’s, that’s, that’s the deal. And that’s the problem with sanctions. And that’s a problem from a geopolitical standpoint that we’re in right now is the biggest enemies, if you will, are well-financed. Right. And they have a common enemy, and that’s the United States and the West as a. Go ahead. I’m sorry.


Stuart Turley [00:11:41] All right. I just I’m so sorry. I get so excited.


Stuart Turley [00:11:44] And this is your podcast, not mine, but.


Stuart Turley [00:11:48] Oh, no, but you’re the guest and I’m. I just get excited, so. And now when you sit back and take a look the secure energy security for America and your counsel, what are some things people can do or what are you seeing on the horizon that you can do to help? Correct Where we are, we’re in this pickle because of the geopolitical situation.


Stuart Turley [00:12:11] Israel is so critical because the Leviathan field out there in the Mediterranean is critical, got new pipelines going over there. I believe Italy and Cyprus are getting new pipelines. That Leviathan field is critical to replace that Russian gas. What do you guys got going on for solution?


Fred Zeidman [00:12:36] So the answer is the solutions are really easy. But unfortunately, the right of the American public is on the is on the pumps, not the production side. And all we can really do is continue to educate them and hope they don’t get it.


Fred Zeidman [00:12:58] One of the things we do at Seaside is we take people to the back of shale. We take some of the thought leaders out there. We show them how, number one, how important production of oil and gas is to make us and to make us not dependent on foreign oil. The other thing we show them is that we’re not ruining the environment.


Fred Zeidman [00:13:22] Now, if you want to look at the impact on the environment, it’s there for one reason. And the only thing is the is having to flare so much methane into the air, natural gas. If that pipeline had been built, there wouldn’t be any flaring. I met with the crown prince. I was fortunate in Saudi Arabia and I asked him how much building you do. And he looked at me, laughed and said, Zero.


Fred Zeidman [00:13:49] I mean, the only reason. Do you know, by the way, if you look at and I’m not pushing Google, but if you look at Google Earth at night. Right. Have you ever done this the fourth night? It’s black in America. You’ve got New York City, you’ve got Chicago, you’ve got Los Angeles, and then you’ve got North Dakota.


Fred Zeidman [00:14:09] And that’s because of the flaring. It looks like daylight there. But why is it everything there flaring should be going into a pipeline and pumped down? To the Texas Gulf Coast to be refined. And when the pipeline was canceled, they have no choice but to flare.


Fred Zeidman [00:14:28] But when you a list of people and now you look at the fact that they’re paying two and three times as much for fuel as they used it as they were just, what, five years ago? Six years ago.


Stuart Turley [00:14:40] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:14:41] And you look at the geopolitical mess that has resulted from this increased oil price and decreased production in the United States from all of these folks that don’t even understand it. And look, I mean, to be totally honest, we I’m not sure our trips to North Dakota have done any good because nobody goes home and says, I’ve now seen it and it’s not a problem and we got to do it.


Fred Zeidman [00:15:09] They go back to New York because they’re still voting environmentally. They’re voting for the wrong thing. But but, you know, we have a never ending quest to educate them, Stuart. And we do it on your show. We do it everywhere we can.


Fred Zeidman [00:15:26] I mean, somebody somehow has got to influence the right of the American population to understand energy. It can’t be the speaker of the House saying we have to use natural gas and not fossil fuel. If you remember that when years back I mean and I hate to say it, but do you want to tell me, you know, she didn’t she obviously didn’t understand Speaker of the House didn’t understand who does know. And so much of America blocking what this country needs to do.


Stuart Turley [00:16:05] So I’m sorry, we’re the.


Fred Zeidman [00:16:07] Evangelists.


Stuart Turley [00:16:08] When we have sacred, when we have I’m sorry, we have Secretary Granholm last week saying we got to put solar panels on tanks. We got to have all TV in the military. This is absolutely ludicrous. There’s no charging stations in the battlefield. No, they don’t need.


Fred Zeidman [00:16:28] To do in California, where you got to have an electric, an RV, but you don’t have anything to supply it with. So, yes.


Stuart Turley [00:16:36] And we were supporting child abuse with labor out of the copper mines. Let’s have a plan. Right. It goes back to let’s use nuclear. Let’s use natural gas. Let’s use oil.


Fred Zeidman [00:16:49] Absolutely. Absolutely.


Stuart Turley [00:16:51] Now, Fred, I get so excited, especially when we talk about New York. New York is having some serious problems by banning natural gas stoves. This is.


Fred Zeidman [00:17:03] Nuts. Well, this is insanity. This is absolute insanity. There is your single least expensive available source. And now we’re going to go cut it off. Right. You know, you can’t use it in your stoves. You can’t use it in your garden. I mean, okay, So not not as many people are going to die burning up in their hohousesRight. But they’re going to die from they’re going to freeze to death because they can’t you know, they can’t light their gas.


Stuart Turley [00:17:34] So it doesn’t make any sense. And now pipelines. So when we sit back and we take a look at pipelines, you’d mentioned the Keystone Day one President Biden just killed. That also would have brought that extension into Canada or whatever.


Stuart Turley [00:17:53] It would have. Brought down the oil field sands, which would. It’s a it’s heavy oil, which would mean we don’t have to import thllions of barrels from Venezuela.


Fred Zeidman [00:18:06] Venezuela. That’s right. I mean, how ridiculous was that? And it’s funny, Stu, for what it’s worth, because it’s not hindsight.


Stuart Turley [00:18:14] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:18:15] Ironically, and I was wrong because people didn’t care the day that he cut that pipeline, I said this is secure Republican control of the government for the foreseeable future because people are going to understand within about a year or so what’s going to happen to their energy cost. And I mean, I couldn’t have been more right about that.


Stuart Turley [00:18:38] But you nailed it.


Fred Zeidman [00:18:40] Excuse me. We got it. I mean, they got the pipeline prices go to $4, $5, $6. Who would have ever thought that anybody in America would have voted Democratic after seeing that? But they did. You know, you know, all bad people vote their pocketbook. Well, they sure didn’t in 2022.


Stuart Turley [00:19:02] No. And you know, what gets me is we have the East Coast. Newsom just saying that he’s going to kill all internal combustion cars by 2035. The 17 other states are going to follow along with it. You have the governor of New York passing legislation to wipe out natural gas. And natural gas is being imported from Russia, Trinidad and another one. And they’re importing their natural gas from Russia and Trinidad. And why can’t we put I mean.


Fred Zeidman [00:19:38] You know, if you look at Trinidad, if you look at the Caribbean, the Chinese are building all the refineries down there driving and refining there. And now they can get it through the Panama Canal. Then they can all ship it back to China or ship it back into Europe. I mean, this is this is all of this stuff. I mean, you know, this became the greatest country in the world to do because of American exceptionalism. And we have absolutely disappeared.


Stuart Turley [00:20:08] And we have wonderful.


Fred Zeidman [00:20:10] Cinderella now. I mean, we’re up and, you know, we’re the orphaned stepchild and all of a sudden. And, you know, it’s even. Which is becoming the Chinese century. And why? Because they have they consumption than anybody in the world. And they can take all the everything the bad guys can give them.


Stuart Turley [00:20:31] Oh, yeah. And how do we with China, this is a real issue just on itself because the ESG movement a I that they are great U.S. energy companies follow the regulations. Canada follows regulations better than anybody else on the planet.


Fred Zeidman [00:20:55] Right.


Stuart Turley [00:20:55] We are only 17% of the world’s emissions and problem China.


Fred Zeidman [00:21:02] I believe we were that high anymore. I thought we were down around and it. But then we go under the Paris Accords and we a we agree to give up more than anyone else. And I think you’re either whether your number ris ight or my number is right or it’s halfway in between.


Stuart Turley [00:21:20] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:21:20] You know, only producing somewhere between ten and 17% of the emissions in the world. And you try to put it in, we agree to give up half of that. Right.


Stuart Turley [00:21:34] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:21:35] And the rest of the world is going to fail in 100%. I mean.


Stuart Turley [00:21:38] And we’re funding the rest of the world.


Fred Zeidman [00:21:40] And we’re and we’re funding the rest of the world.


Stuart Turley [00:21:44] And China is building a coal plant every week. And the EIA, the United States Energy Agency, said, oh, by the way, we’ve lowered our CO2 and our emissions because of natural gas.


Fred Zeidman [00:22:03] Natural gas. But, you know, we one of the things that we did on our last trip to North Dakota, which is absolutely fascinating, is we went to one of the modern coal plants. Right. And so we learned a lot there that day. First of all, a third, a third of the energy being produced worldwide is still coal. Okay.


Fred Zeidman [00:22:28] But I will tell you that there is virtually in the newer plants, our plants in the US, no emission. There is no emission, right. It’s the old plants that are still spewing and not in the United States. And that’s what brought our emissions down so much. And again, if we just could complete these pipepipelines get the natural gas in there.


Fred Zeidman [00:22:55] I was up on one of the not only one of Herald’s facilities, but I don’t want to call them competitors because there’s enough for everybody. And it was about 1130 at night. We were still at their house dinner, and the missus and I went out on her balcony and we looked out over their 55,000 acre ranch and, you know, it was lit up like downtown, you know, Times Square.


Fred Zeidman [00:23:24] nd she’s like, Isn’t that beautiful? And I said, Yeah, but do you realize that’s all your money burning up there? I mean, how much of your money is being burned up there? Instead of heading straight to Galveston, Texas, to Pasadena, Texas, where it can be used for cheap fuel?


Stuart Turley [00:23:43] I would I would almost want Fred put out Bitcoin miners up there and let them use it for generation.


Fred Zeidman [00:23:51] And use it for generation. I mean, there is so much we can do. And now Biden wants to wants to put a 30% tax on Bitcoin miners use. But you don’t need to. I mean, all you need to do, you’re right, is just put Bitcoin miners up there and they can they can utilize it right there. And by the way, they certainly have plenty of land use it. I mean.


Stuart Turley [00:24:18] You know.


Fred Zeidman [00:24:19] There’s nothing in North Dakota I would tell do. I’ll tell you one other funny story as we’re driving now, North Dakota. I’m with one of these great New York. You know, thought leaders.


Stuart Turley [00:24:32] Right.


Fred Zeidman [00:24:32] Every place you go, I mean, even out on the rigs, there are regular signs everywhere. Trump, Trump, Trump and even all the workers out there have Trump on their hardhats. And I want to know how Donald Trump got elected president. United States.


Fred Zeidman [00:24:50] Look at this. And, of course, he’s on the other side. And his response to me was, yeah, but do you realize there are more people in my building in New York than there are in all North Dakota? So who could say it any better? Well.


Stuart Turley [00:25:06] My response to him would be those people would be in the dark without the people from North Dakota.


Fred Zeidman [00:25:13] You got it. So.


Stuart Turley [00:25:16] You know. All right, enjoy your building.


Fred Zeidman [00:25:19] So.


Stuart Turley [00:25:20] You know, what we ought to do is we ought to have Harold Hamm and you on a podcast, because I would love to learn and hear. And I think our people would love to hear about your early days and how we got to this point. And because I saw Harold interviewed the other day and he is he said, we produce we need 8 million barrels a day or 10 million barrels a day. And then they 10 million. And he goes, I produced two.


Fred Zeidman [00:25:50] And that’s why he claims he’s solved America’s energy issue. We right now, those numbers have changed. We’re producing nine. We consume 11. But it’s still his 2 million. And his 2 million is up now two and a half or three. So it’s still. And look, you know Stu Alexander.


Fred Zeidman [00:26:15] But it’s together. Tell her to call Harold. Harold will be with me tomorrow night with Daniel Yergin. That’s going to be I’ll tell you how I started not sleeping last night, just thinking the thrill of being of being with Harold Power and Daniel Yergin, and how with me being this to Charlie tomorrow night and that conversation in Washington, D.C., would you imagine?


Stuart Turley [00:26:39] So I’m going to and I talked to.


Fred Zeidman [00:26:41] Alexander, who’s watching this. I’m going to tell her that because Alexandra, who is the best there is write this for us. And I’m going to tell her to ask her to ask Harold to come on. And you don’t even need me because I’m liable to get lost in the baseball. But. Oh, no. And let him tell you the history because he’s the man.


Stuart Turley [00:27:05] Well, I would love to have both of you on there because it to me would be So.


Fred Zeidman [00:27:10] I get a little more excited than he does, if you know, Harold, I mean, you’re the single largest producer in America and you wouldn’t know you weren’t talking to got a guy that’s on the nightshift. I mean, he’s so modest and so, matter of fact, even get excited.


Stuart Turley [00:27:30] Oh, no. And and and so but I did I was able to meet him at a lunch years ago. And so he is just a neat. Now, Daniel Yergin, I talked to two months ago and he’s coming on the podcast pretty soon, too. So, in fact, he I was talking to him when he was interviewing David Blackmon, who is a Forbes author. So we need you to get on David Blackmon’s podcast as well, too.


Fred Zeidman [00:28:02] So got me any time. I mean, you know, I get asked all the time, aren’t you still in Washington? And I tell everybody I what I didn’t think George W Bush was president United States anymore. You know, I served his two terms in Washington and back since. So, you know.


Stuart Turley [00:28:23] Which is a smart move. Texas.


Fred Zeidman [00:28:25] But I’m available. I mean, I’m going to be there tomorrow night because we have our CSA board meeting and the depot board meeting, which is Harold’s trade Association. Nice. And that’s why he and I are going to be there tomorrow night. But let’s both Joe, ask Alex to arrange all this, and I’ll do it as often as you can do it.


Stuart Turley [00:28:48] So I’ll tell you what. Getting the word out, Fred, and your success with the energy security for America is critical. It’s critical for everyone. I mean, it doesn’t matter. Energy transcends race, religion, creed, color. If you’re a human, if you’re human. Our relationship with Israel is so critical. Our relationship around the world is critical. And it all stems around energy. Your comments.


Fred Zeidman [00:29:22] Around energy.


Stuart Turley [00:29:23] So, you know, we got about two more minutes here and we’ve heard about what you’ve got going on tomorrow. And I’m going to be like, I’m going to I would pay big bucks just to be a fly on the wall and and do that. But the the invitation is, Fred, with our news channels and everything else, if there’s ever any kind of word you need put out, let us know. I want to help you get the word out.


Fred Zeidman [00:29:49] I said, I hope Alexandra is watching because, Alexandra, if you are, I’ve just given you the plug as being the best in the business. But I want to tell you, make this happen because you don’t have a bigger cheerleader than me.


Fred Zeidman [00:30:05] And, you know, unfortunately, Harold is too big, is too busy saving America, which he’s going to be the spokesman for all of this. So all of that being said, Stu, you got me and I really appreciate it. And, you know, you look at some of the disasters that are happening even domestically, You know, you’re in Amarillo, You’re not that far from Allen, Texas.


Fred Zeidman [00:30:30] And we know what happened there yesterday. And this is a tragedy what’s going on in America. And we can all make America great again. And we have to make America great again. But it’s not getting moving until we come to grips with what has happened to American exceptionalism and what’s happened to the culture in America. So I can’t thank you enough. Well, I’ll be glad to do it every day. So fantastic.


Stuart Turley [00:31:00] Well, thank you so much, Fred. And we will see you next time on the energy of.


Stuart Turley [00:31:05] The great Robert. Eric, thank you.