ENB #192 Insider Perspectives: Steve Reese on Energy Trends and Leadership

Steve Reese stopped by the NAPE Podcast Pavillion, and this interview was fun, personal, and truly has some insights into the Energy Markets. He has been on the podcast several times, and they have always garnered great feedback (and selfishly large volume).

It is fun when you can have the opportunity to do live podcast events and more fun when you can let your guests know how much they have impacted you both personally and professionally. Our discussion around the great Toby Keith was also meaningful as he really supported the University of Oklahoma and everyone he met.

In the United States, natural gas, midstream, and now the global markets for LNG Reese Consulting have been mainstays for our industry for decades. So when Steve and his team talk about their trends and insights, I listen.

Thank you, Steve, for your leadership, faith, and friendship. – Stu.

Follow Steve on his LinkedIn HERE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-reese-185a86/

Check out Reese Consulting HERE: https://www.reeseenergyconsulting.com/Highlights of the Podcast

Highlights of the Podcast

01:02 – Gratitude for support and faith during health trials

02:10 – Reese Consulting’s success and team

03:18 – Ventures and projects in the energy industry

04:30 – Remembering Toby Keith and his impact

06:00 – Personal stories and reflections on marriage

08:07 – Future of natural gas and its importance

11:44 – Global demand and export of LNG

13:18 – Resolving challenges and taking control of what we can influence

13:50 – Acknowledgment and conclusion


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Stuart Turley [00:00:07] They welcome energy. Newsbeat podcast. My name’s Stu Turley President and CEO of sandstone group. There are some things happening in the energy world right now, but right now we’re at make. It is an absolutely wonderful event and I mean, it is fun, but there are industry leaders and then there’s industry legends. I have a friend here today and he has been around the industry since Moses. I think Moses and him were there at the parting of the Red sea. And I was going to say, Moses in the ark, but that doesn’t go together. I gotcha. What race investing race? I mean, at this race, he’s the CEO of Race consulting and race training. Welcome, Steve.

Steve Reese [00:00:57] Thank you sir. I’m still getting sand out of my, sandals from. And Moses wandering the desert for 40 years. But I’m trying to thank you.

Stuart Turley [00:01:05] Oh, I’ll tell you what I did. You know, Moses can be forgiven. Yeah, we all could.

Steve Reese [00:01:12] Yeah, I’m right there with you. You know, it’s an honor to be here. As you know, it’s an honor for me to be alive today after what I’ve been through. And I know a lot of people out here and prayed for me during my health trials and other issues we had. And and I’m forever grateful. And this industry, which stayed on my family’s table. And that’s what it’s all about.

Stuart Turley [00:01:38] You know. I’m going to share with you a personal item, and that is, you know, I’ve been friends and I’ve been on my podcast a while. This is our first time of being able to get a hug ride, and your sickness helped me when I needed it. It sounds kind of odd, but your faith in praying for you and actually seeing your strength if you helped me out. And I don’t mean that in the wrong way, but.

Steve Reese [00:02:08] You know, I understand.

Stuart Turley [00:02:09] Your impact on people is.

Steve Reese [00:02:11] Huge. Well, that’s a good lord. But, you know, it’s not me because I’m just, financially shame and being like the rest of us, right? I’m just a doofus. But I wish that, you know, and there’s always ways we can help each other and work. We’re not a different species, right? We’re all humans, right? We’re we’re trying to love each other. And all of this other stuff is great, right? But when it comes down to your it’s and your family, your. Those are the things that really drive us.

Stuart Turley [00:02:41] Oh, it is. And you’re, not only an industry leader, but you’re, a moral leader and an inspiration.

Steve Reese [00:02:48] So. Thank you. I appreciate that. So what’s on your mind today? What do you.

Stuart Turley [00:02:52] Well, I’ll tell you what. You got your push on the natural gas and, Nord Stream and everything else. With the res consulting I get to visit. You’ve got a great staff and and with your staff. It is so fun when you talk about them. Your eyes light up, and I good seeing y’all as good people.

Steve Reese [00:03:13] And I’m very fortunate. You know what’s amazing is these last two years, half the time flat on my back, not able to engage our company exploded and our numbers have done this. And it’s because, I’m not proud. Reagan used to say, you know, he said, I’m just gonna hire people smarter than me, right? Right. And, I just been fortunate, a lot of people, as you know, Stormin Norman, the executive VP thing, that’s, just a rock star, just hired Kimberly Paige for business development. She’s ran down into, like, Renzo Piano and Julius Lightner. Kim Yancey, those people, from that roll up, they’re 30 year veterans, so they know how things work in my field. Guys. Yeah. We’re involved in all kinds of ventures now, from our typical consulting and marketing and auditing. Right. As you know, we have an office in Berlin. We’re looking at it now, AG over there. And, we’re just having the time of our lives. And, I think the good Lord that now I’m back and. Yeah. Be healthy. Hey, Kenny. Jerry Chandler, you know the number two picture on the big chief tablet? You know.

Stuart Turley [00:04:37] That band has.

Steve Reese [00:04:38] Gone.

Stuart Turley [00:04:39] Wrong. You know, I am so happy for you. And it it seems like the more, I’m a sponsor of yours and, looking into what’s out there for you.

Steve Reese [00:04:49] Vicki, Dolphins is amazing. Her voice, she can articulate things and bring in the humor and the data and everything. I mean, you know. Reach 1500 thousand views. Sometimes you.

Stuart Turley [00:05:03] May get.

Steve Reese [00:05:04] An answer. And she deserves a lot of credit. Absolutely.

Stuart Turley [00:05:07] Well, it’s also the you say smacks of things that sound good and you didn’t go to any issue. So that is a good thing.

Steve Reese [00:05:15] Yeah. You know.

Stuart Turley [00:05:16] We.

Steve Reese [00:05:18] We love to hear about, you know, like you, I do have something pretty cool this week. Did you know that you would, the hard thoughts about, you know, we lost a good sooner.

Stuart Turley [00:05:28] We can talk more on that.

Steve Reese [00:05:30] Later on Wednesday night with the basketball game, where he said, kind of in front of where we sit on the baseline and in his chair. They had his guitar in a red solo cup, and there was a young.

Stuart Turley [00:05:44] Little team.

Steve Reese [00:05:45] After the game and they were, you know, breaking up in tears. These are young African Americans off the ground. And they said Toby was like your dad to them.

Stuart Turley [00:05:56] I read Toby Keith and just thank you for that. I bought every one of his albums. That is my favorite, favorite, band of music. Yeah. I mean, in that way, he meant the world to me. And I love that because you can see him on football games over there. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You know, seeing him or even the.

Steve Reese [00:06:17] Women’s gymnastics or softball and everything. But, you know, the thing about him was he was just a regular guy and friends that I know that were around him all the time said, you know, he was just a normal guy. He, you know, having, you know, we had a dancer that he was very engaged, sort of Special Olympics. Right? Very engaging sports. Are you women’s? Are there are you children’s hospital? I know friends of mine that would like to engage sports instead of, he’d say, well, just take one of my cars with this car collection. They get which one? He goes out there, you know, take the Lamborghini. Oh, sure. Said he loved helping people. And then I met him and his wife. They have three great kids. And, how is that a legacy, though, you know?

Stuart Turley [00:07:06] Oh, yeah. And, I’m going to talk about me.

Steve Reese [00:07:08] That was one of my favorites. So absolutely.

Stuart Turley [00:07:11] I want to talk about me. I wish I could sit here and go through what he’s saying is, Willie Nelson, who sang with Winehouse, and he was so excited that he just, cut it early and it was, because he was in a, turnkey cottage again. Yeah. That’s right. I want to know what.

Steve Reese [00:07:33] What? Seriously, I’m.

Stuart Turley [00:07:34] Not a.

Steve Reese [00:07:35] Fan, but Casino Smile guide. But when I first got sick, I wanted to see an interview he did with castaway. I just I was like, yeah. And he says, you know, how do you do watch? And he said, he said, I don’t work the old man in. And, you know, there’s a song he did that. I just wrote short stories. And so I’m just I’m like the old mangling, during the sickness. And it really helped me feel a lot better. So.

Stuart Turley [00:08:06] Yes. Yes, I am.

Steve Reese [00:08:08] Paul. Oh, yeah. Well.

Stuart Turley [00:08:12] I have basically.

Steve Reese [00:08:13] I’m going to be 90, but you know, who cares, right?

Stuart Turley [00:08:16] Oh no.

Steve Reese [00:08:17] I shoot, you have a meal versus a good night barbecue on and off and on for a long time. And, we’ve made a lot of headway here today. We’ve got a really nice potential projects. That’s. It was money well spent. Absolutely.

Stuart Turley [00:08:33] You know, what’s really, really great about this is being able to see me. I admit, I’m not going to get maybe, 15 people that I’ve interviewed in person, but I had my friend in person in the.

Steve Reese [00:08:49] Library, and.

Stuart Turley [00:08:50] I, I mean, I got together, but. Yeah, I mean, I mean, I would just go right on through this whole process and people are recognizing me, and I’m having a great time of my life.

Steve Reese [00:09:03] You know, I’ve had so many people come up and tell me they were praying for me. They tell me how my daughter influenced their lives. And, so obviously tonight we’re going to buy you a big steak. Then Christina says, I can’t write to me. Still, I gotta sit my story.

Stuart Turley [00:09:23] So I sit with our.

Steve Reese [00:09:25] She’s five two. We call her 100 pounds of whip ass. Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:09:30] Well, if I had been married 37 years, she they too.

Steve Reese [00:09:34] Exactly. Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:09:35] I went. Hey.

Steve Reese [00:09:44] Excuse me for a second. Yeah. 11 seven, 87 and very six years for us. Okay. Seven.

Stuart Turley [00:09:52] And so we, we’re about within two days of being named, one year.

Steve Reese [00:09:57] So, so pretty. You shouldn’t set fire to the.

Stuart Turley [00:09:59] Now we’re next. Right in time. I thought this name jumped up with my 12 year old.

Steve Reese [00:10:05] Yeah, guess I understand. That’s fine. That’s not wrong. You know, I’m Sicilian, so. Hi. My name is Mark Casey. Oh, no. And so I would just be very careful. She knows where the bottom of the river was, and she. Might get you.

Stuart Turley [00:10:23] That’s okay. I do a grapefruit fermentation, so my boudin against her.

Steve Reese [00:10:27] There you go.

Stuart Turley [00:10:29] We’ll see what’s coming out of the burners. Release and, natural gas.

Steve Reese [00:10:33] What? I mean, for us. I just I really have no idea.

Stuart Turley [00:10:39] Look.

Steve Reese [00:10:39] You and I both know these guys nuts. These were neighbors. First time there’s a place for them somewhere, right? You know, natural gas, a bridge route, but is up the road, and it’s not going anywhere. We have regular production. We have a rising demand for wells. It’s industry’s amazing low emissions with natural gas. So I don’t talk. Yeah. And let them spend their money foolishly. But these producers here, they’re the ones that keep our homes heated, right? When it’s a cheap room, like I’ve always said, my friend Aubrey would say bring abundant, ubiquitous U.S. made, cheap natural gas. You know.

Stuart Turley [00:11:25] You and I are humanitarians, and it’s all about humanity delivering the lowest terawatt per hour to all citizens of the planet with the least amount of impact on the environment, with power and money. Natural gas? No. Dear God, you can do it. I don’t care. And like you say, wind chill. Fine. Sir. I’m so glad to know whether you me to do it. Exactly.

Steve Reese [00:11:53] And that’s wrong.

Stuart Turley [00:11:54] That is not sustainable. And and. So anyway, I am seeing more and more LNG plants going on all around the world. Export and import. That is phenomenal in a way.

Steve Reese [00:12:11] It’s it’s a global commodity. Now we’re pricing it based or pricing. It was rising in Europe and Japan. It’s it’s it’s not going anywhere yet. This pause on the exports. It’s not gonna hurt anything near term. The thing it does do is our partners in Europe and Japan are wondering if we can be good partners. But, you know, things change.

Stuart Turley [00:12:34] They do. They.

Steve Reese [00:12:36] And, you know, it’s not going to be something that’s going to stick around.

Stuart Turley [00:12:40] No. But it is a sad, especially when you’re driving people to.

Steve Reese [00:12:46] Russia.

Stuart Turley [00:12:46] And I.

Steve Reese [00:12:47] Have a.

Stuart Turley [00:12:47] Prediction. My prediction is when the Tucker Carlson interview comes out. He’s interviewed he just interviewed me. And I think that you’re going to see an end to the Ukrainian Russian war. I think that you’re going to see people buying Russian natural gas again, and that’s going to further, separate more people from the U.S. because of what’s going to be coming out. Sure. And, and I think that we shot ourselves in the foot.

Steve Reese [00:13:18] Yeah. But it’s it’s still a good thing about this country is we have the best reserve intelligence analysts anywhere else, and we’ll be fine. You just, you know, my deal is I just get up and I put one foot in front of the other. That’s all you can do is.

Stuart Turley [00:13:35] Control what we can influence. And you are a very tall man and can see a very far away.

Steve Reese [00:13:43] So I appreciate that.

Stuart Turley [00:13:45] And that, I’m very serious about that. So, we will have all your contact information in there, and we know that people are going to reach out to you, Steve. And I’d just like to again, thank you for everything you’ve done for.

Steve Reese [00:13:59] Me as well as well.

Stuart Turley [00:14:02] Thank you.

Steve Reese [00:14:03] They’ve got to go to work, my friend. Oh, no. Thank you.

Stuart Turley [00:14:06] Thank you all very much.

Steve Reese [00:14:08] Yeah, thanks.

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