ENB #60: Oil and Gas Commodities Auctions Are Booming – We talk with Chris Atherton, CEO, EnergyNet about what to expect.

Chris Atherton

One benefit of hosting a podcast is visiting with industry experts in all facets of the energy space. Today is no exception as I sit down with Chris Atherton, CEO, EnergyNet the oil and gas asset transaction advisor and marketplace for just about everything in the oil patch. With the high cost of oil and gas, there is a tremendous demand for purchasing and divesting producing working interests, overrides, and royalties.

As Chris and I talk about the current state of the United States oil and gas upstream industry it readily becomes apparent that he loves what he is doing. People become experts in their fields because of their passion. With over 2000 energy transactions with dollar volumes between 1.2 billion and up to 2 billion in locations across the U.S., you get a real accurate feeling of the overall market.

Listen to this episode of the Energy News Beat podcast to hear what is happening in the entire oil and gas upstream U.S. market. Purchasing, acquiring, and divesting are approaching new highs while everyone is getting their inventories tuned to make money.  Don’t let the fact that we have way too much fun talking about the market stop you.

Thank you Chris for stopping by the ENB podcast, and look forward to our next update.

Please connect with Chris on his LinkedIn profile here:

1:27 – Doomberg and we have to get our “fix”

3:17 – Setting the stage and EnergyNet

6:12 – Finger on the pulse of the nation.

7:22 – Shale revolution through investors

12:34 – Free cashflow and acquisitions