ENB #78 We talk with Meredith Angwin, Author of “Shorting The Grid” and we learn about key issues around U.S. electrical grid stability.

Shorting the Grid by Meredith Angwin
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In this episode of the ENB Podcast, I have the privilege of sitting down with Meredith Angwin, the author of the book “Shorting The Grid.”. The book is a must-read for anyone that wants to understand the real issue of energy stability in the United States.

The “Grid” is the backbone of the electrical distribution system. In the U.S., we have electricity and feel it is our right to have unlimited and continuous service. Just like armchair quarterbacks, we throw our opinions on how it should be run. Like putting more wind, solar, or shutting down coal plants even before a replacement can be installed.

Most of the time, we walk into a room, turn on the lights, and never worry about regular service. Without thorough planning, allocating proper fiscal resources for upgrades, or forcing renewables into areas that are not even possible by the laws of physics, you get rolling blackouts.

Meredith brings the “Grid” hidden shadow world to the light. We talk about the Balancing Authorities (BA) and how stressful balancing the flow of electricity is. It is a major talking point of our energy future that nobody is even putting at the front of the discussion list. It is about physics. Buy the book “ShortingThe Grid” today. It will make having fossil and renewable discussions even more insightful.

Thank you, Meredith, for taking the time to visit with us on your book, and I had an absolute blast – Stu.

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