Karine Jean-Pierre, Press Secretary and Peter Doocy talk about electric vehicles with interesting dialogue.

ENB Publishers Note: If the government can regulate the refineries out of business, why would they want to give the profits back to everyone and not even have operating capital to upgrade equipment to improve environmental capabilities? The Biden administration believes that they can save the consumer $1.00 per gallon if the refiners would give all the profits back. That is not how the world’s pricing models work.  Just asking for a friend……


From The Western Journal –

Doocy pointed out that new electric vehicles are currently far more expensive than new gas-powered cars, and even with more expensive gasoline, EVs are simply not cost-effective.

Yet Biden continues to claim he wants to destroy the oil industry and insists that all Americans need to buy electric cars. Doocy wanted to know just how much of this “painful transition” Biden expects of Americans.

“A lot of people can’t afford a $60,000 electric car, and they also are having a hard time affording gas right now. That sounds like a painful transition,” he said.

“First of all — that’s apples and oranges,” she exclaimed before talking of Biden’s widely disliked idea of a gas tax holiday.

“It is going to make a difference,” Jean-Pierre insisted. “We’re talking about 18 cents on the federal level; we’re talking about an average of 30 cents on the state level. And if the oil refinery does their job, if they do what we are asking them to do, which is put their profits back in so that gas prices can go down — that’s almost $1.00 per gallon. That matters.”

She then listed some folks to whom the administration apparently believes it matters — teachers, construction workers and, rather oddly, lifeguards — before moving to another journalist.


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