Big Oil Companies

Big Oil Loves CCUS

Daily Standup Top Stories Big oil and gas firms deepen investment in carbon capture April 10, 2024 Mariel Alumit   Carbon capture companies find themselves in an odd position. They exist because of the threat of […]

Climate Crisis

$100 Oil Soon?

Daily Standup Top Stories Dimon Calls Push to Stop All Oil and Gas Enormously Naïve April 8, 2024 Mariel Alumit Jamie Dimon said US delays of liquefied natural gas projects were done for political reasons to pacify […]

Big Oil Companies

OPEC+ Short Squeeze

Daily Standup Top Stories Buttigieg rejects critics of EV future: Like people in 2000s saying we could have landlines forever April 3, 2024 Mariel Alumit Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg rejected criticism of the Biden administration’s push for America […]


From Wind to Solar Waste

Daily Standup Top Stories Mounting Losses Mean Sweden’s Wind Industry Faces Total Financial Collapse March 29, 2024 Stu Turley Notwithstanding €billions in subsidies, Sweden’s embattled wind industry is on the brink of total financial collapse. The […]