California energy policies are hurting everyone, especially the environment. Exclusive interview with investor, environmentalists and energy expert.

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ENB Podcast # 48 Mike Umbro California energy policies are hurting everyone, especially the environment.

Even though California’s energy policies are hurting everyone, especially the environment. Consumers are trapped like rats, but investors can make money in Alternative Investments and protect their portfolios.

We sit down with Mike Umbro, Oil & Gas Entrepreneur / Investor / Environmental Leader, to discuss his insights into the California energy hypocrisy and actually how it can be fixed. I almost put this in the “International Contributors” section as California is buying most of its oil from sanctioned, bad governments who don’t care about ESG and human rights. The California politicians do not think they are part of the United States and do what they want when they want no matter the impact on their citizens. You would think they would want to take care of the planet, and pay less in taxes.

And when we look at how things really are in California Mike Umbro is an expert in these subjects. I saw Mike’s video on LinkedIn and had to get him on the ENB Podcast. California investors have to look for Alternative Investments just to survive and the consumers have to leave the state to afford energy. So getting to visit with an expert in conservation, Oil & Gas, and investing is a real treat.

Thank you Mike for stopping by the Podcast – Stu

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