California Will Be Exploiting Developing Countries to Achieve 1.8 Million EV Trucks


The supply chain for minerals needed for EV batteries are dominated by China and developing countries

We all know by now that the California Air Resources Board has banned the sale of traditional combustion trucks – that run of diesel – by 2036 in the state.  California now requires fully electric truck fleets. Recently, CARB unanimously adopted its Advanced Clean Fleets regulation phasing in mandates for medium- and heavy-duty truck operators in California to buy 100 percent zero-emission vehicles and remove from their fleets internal combustion engine vehicles at the end of their useful life.

What we don’t know is that this regulation will come at the expense of the developing countries that are the basis of the supply chain of EV battery materials.  California’s actions support exploitation of cheap, disposable workforces in other countries and environmental degradation at countries outside the California “air bubble”.

According to most recent data, there were approximately 1.8 million diesel trucks in California in 2021. Of these, around 1.5 million were heavy-duty trucks, while the remaining 300,000 were medium-duty trucks. Most diesel trucks were owned by businesses, with only a small percentage owned by individuals.

California is home to the largest diesel truck market in the United States. These trucks are used for a variety of purposes, including transportation of goods and services, construction, and agriculture. While diesel trucks are an essential part of the state’s economy, they also contribute significantly to air pollution.

Back in 2021, I co-authored the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy.  The book does an excellent job of discussing the lack of transparency to the world of the green movement’s impact upon humanity exploitations in the developing countries that are mining for the exotic minerals and metals required to create the batteries needed to store “green energy”.

In these developing countries, these mining operations exploit child labor, and are responsible for the most egregious human rights’ violations of vulnerable minority populations. These operations are also directly destroying the planet through environmental degradation.

One year later in 2022, President Biden provided validation to the books’ message when the Biden administration declared October 4, 2022, that batteries from China may be tainted by child labor, The lithium, cobalt, and rare earth minerals needed to make batteries mostly come from places such as China, Congo, Indonesia, Iran, and other countries that are noted for gross human rights violations, and are often mined and produced using forced and child labor.

I’m sure that neither Governor Newsom nor CARB had a chance to view the 2006 movie “Blood Diamond” starring  Leonardo DiCaprio that portrays many of the similar atrocities now occurring in pursuit of the  “Blood Minerals” i.e., those exotic minerals and metals to support the “green” movement within wealthy countries.

Newsom and CARB lack some energy literacy which may be the reasons they avoid conversations about the ugly side of “green” mandates and regulations. They should read the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations”,  and decide for themselves if they wish to financially support the environmental degradation and humanity atrocities among folks with yellow, brown, and black skin occurring in developing countries, so that the wealthy countries can go green.

It is surprising the Newsom and CARB members support subsidies to procure EV’s and build more wind and solar when those subsidies are providing financial incentives to the developing countries mining for those “green” materials that promotes further exploitations of poor people in developing countries. I personally thought that Newsom and CARB had higher moral and ethical standards that would stop them from exploiting the poor in developing countries.

A battery in an electric car, like an average Tesla, is made of about 750-1,000 pounds of minerals, that had to be mined and processed into a battery that merely stores electricity.

EVs are environmental rapists. Mining and refining the minerals needed to make EV batteries is also an environmental disaster, inflicting environmental degradation on local landscapes in developing countries with minimal environmental regulations.

The EV battery needs for large diesel trucks with extended mileage ranges may be 3 to 4 times greater than that of a small Tesla EV.

Here is a summary of the minerals needed for a Tesla EV battery and the projected humongous needs of the minerals to support 1.8 million Diesel Truck EV’s:

Minerals needed for a Tesla EV battery Minerals needed for a  large Truck EV (at least 3 times larger than a Tesla Minerals to support the needs for 1.8 million Truck EV’s
Lithium 25 lbs. 75 lbs. 135,000,000 lbs.
Nickel 60 lbs. 180 lbs. 324,000,000 lbs.
Manganese 44 lbs. 132 lbs. 237,600,000 lbs.
Cobalt 30 lbs. 90 lbs. 162,000,000 lbs.
Copper 200 lbs. 600 lbs. 1,080,000,000 lbs.
Aluminum, steel, and plastic 400 lbs. 1200 lbs. 2,160,000,000 lbs.
Approximate weight of Tesla EV battery = 1,000 lbs. Approximate weight of Truck EV battery =  more than 3,000 lbs. Almost 2 Billion pounds of just minerals, plus the aluminum, steel and plastic !
50 years after the oil embargo crisis of 1973, there is no American policy for energy independence. America continues to INCREASE its energy dependence on China for “green”, and on OPEC and Russia for oil. Today, with LESS energy independence than 1973, America is more vulnerable to another embargo than we were 50 years ago!

As World War I and II historians, Russia, China, and OPEC know, the country that controls the minerals, crude oil, and natural gas, controls the world!  They all know there is no substitute for the dominance of products from fossil fuels in the foreseeable future, even on a longer-term horizon.

China and Russia thank California Governor Newsom and the California Air Resources Board for their continued support of world domination by the countries that controls the minerals and fossil fuels!


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