ENB #106 We sit down with Colby Tiffee, The Energy Marketing Pro, Energy Access Advocate and Speaker

The Energy Marketing Pro, Energy Access Advocate, and Speaker

This is a fun interview with Colby; he has been an industry thought leader in the market for a long time. He was also one of the first graduates from OU’s oil and gas marketing program. As we were getting ready for the interview, it became apparent immediately that we would have fun. Not that the University of Oklahoma football sitting in his office was any giveaway, but he made up for it in industry experience and knowledge.

With Colby making energy predictions every year, he does not just talk about oil and gas; he goes on the record. That is admirable as he is not an armchair quarterback but understands the global energy markets.

Colby, thank you for stopping by the Energy News Beat podcast! I had a blast, and I look forward to more predictions from you. – Stu.

Also, no OSU fans were hurt in this episode’s making. – Colby made up for it by being a “house divided.”

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Colby Tiffee

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