ENB #113 William Szamosszegi, Founder and CEO Sazmining – A thought-provoking discussion around Bitcoin mining, making money, and saving the planet on the way.

A thought-provoking discussion around Bitcoin mining, making money, and saving the planet on the way.

00:00 – Intro

01:15 – Florida Speach and his Presentation to MR. Wonderful /

04:37 – Bitcoin Mining / ESG

07:29 – How does your Finance Team view your ESG narrative?

08:01 – Talks about VC model

09:46 – What is your strategy for selecting between renewable energy and stranded gas when shopping, and how do you aim to achieve low costs kilowatt per hour?

11:41 – Opinions on Bitcoin mining and its impact on the power grid.

14:47 – The relationship between Bitcoin and renewable energy.

18:41 – Talks about Finance. What percentage of the deposited amount do you believe the bank actually holds in reserve for you and other depositors?

24:04 – A Comparison between Bitcoin and traditional banks.

24:05 – Discussions regarding the potential issues caused by banks printing excessive amounts of money.

26:21 – Opinions on the proposed 35% energy tax on Bitcoin mining under the Biden administration.

28:47 – As a CEO and Thought leader, what steps can you take to effectively communicate your message and provide assistance to others?

31:20 – What is the future plan for Sazmining, and what is the vision for addressing the ongoing challenges and progressing towards the future?

36:32 – What lies ahead for you personally, William, and what steps are you planning to take to improve yourself as a CEO and an individual?

39:42 – Outro

William Szamosszegi is an industry thought leader, and as the CEO, Founder of Sazmining, he has a bright future. While preparing for this interview, I enjoyed watching his presentation to “Mr. Wonderful” on the Sazmining website. It is fun watching a presentation in front of a live audience with someone comfortable and knowledgeable, and does not invoke “Death by Slides.”

In a financial and energy crisis world, you must rely on experts to protect your capital and profits. It is evident that William believes in his company and its products. Bitcoin mining gets a black eye from the amount of power used in the mining. Sazmining has a different business model and approach to mining, ESG, and investor returns.

Thank you, William, for stopping by. I had an absolute blast – Stu.

Listen to the podcast, and contact William on his LinkedIn HERE for any questions.

Check out Sazmining Website HERE

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