ENB #66 Matt Welch, State Director for the Conservative Texans For Energy Innovation – How we can solve the energy crisis.

We can see why Texas has a huge impact on U.S. energy.

This is an all-encompassing talk about energy. Mat Welch, the State Director for the Conservative Texans For Energy Innovation, stopped by the ENB Podcast. It is an absolute blast talking about all forms of energy. The Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation are very concerned about doing what is right for the citizens of Texas while taking care of the environment and economy. Using all forms of energy and letting the market decide is critical. 

I thought one important part Matt brought up was that we must conserve energy to get through this energy crisis. But let’s open the capitalistic markets to consumers and let them get paid for sacrificing and saving energy. That would be a cool approach. Not everybody is fired up about taking shorter showers or not charging your EV while your air conditioner is running as they are implementing in California.

Texas does many things right and dramatically impacts the U.S. energy sector through leadership. Matt and I discuss using all forms of energy to get the lowest cost kWh to consumers. Our conversation included wind, solar, thermal, nuclear, world geopolitics, ESG hypocrisy, and the Texas legal and illegal invasion. The Texas Conservatives for Energy Innovation are trying to bring common sense back into the energy conversation.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk with Matt, and we are planning a large discussion around the China issue. Stay tuned! Thank you, Matt, for stopping by the ENB podcast! – Stu 

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Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation

We are conservative Texans across the state leading the dialogue about the economic and national security benefits of clean energy. Clean and renewable energy sources represent the future of energy in Texas. As conservatives, we encourage competition and free markets, which allow for vibrant, sustainable economies. Texas inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers are leaders in a global transformation toward cleaner, more secure energy choices that create American jobs and protect our environment.

What We Support

We believe the energy industry is undergoing an unprecedented evolution—one that is shifting away from the traditional model of using fossil fuel generation managed by centralized monopoly utilities to a system that prioritizes the use of advanced emerging technologies, environmental sustainability, market competition, and customer choice to fuel the economy.

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