ENB #98 The Clean Energy Crisis by Donn Dears, The challenge of replacing fossil fuels. We talked about a key solution in the EV space.

Clean Energy Crisis - Donn Dears
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Clean Energy Crisis: The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels

by Mr Donn Dougherty Dears

Clean Energy Crisis: The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels

With the Energy Crisis worsening by the day, Donn’s book is even more relevant today than ever. Between geopolitical, printing money for 20 years for renewable energy growth, and lack of investments in fossil fuels has set the stage for a global economic crisis.

While preparing for this interview with Donn, I went through the book and was duly impressed with the statistics, numbers, and facts. This book is a must-read before any family reunion to talk with family members with facts rather than emotions.

While Donn and I both believe that the energy transition is necessary, technology is not there to support the transition without devastating results. We discussed the solution of hybrid cars, and I don’t understand why these are not more widely accepted. They seem to be the perfect bridge to lower the number of batteries and give more range to the EV.

I highly recommend buying his books and keep on your desk. The reference material is fantastic.

Thank you, Donn, for stopping by the podcast. Thank you for your service to our country in the military and your research in the energy market. – Stu

A compete article covering the story will be released soon.


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