Residents Told To Shelter In Place After Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails In Ohio

Ohio tanker

Another Norfolk Southern freight train has derailed in Ohio.

“The Clark County Emergency Management Agency is asking residents within 1,000 feet of a train derailment at Ohio 41 near the Prime Ohio Business Park to shelter-in-place out of an abundance of caution,” the county wrote in a Facebook post.


The post continued, “We ask that all residents in need of travel to Ohio 41 find alternate routes. Local and state officials are on scene, including the Springfield Fire Rescue Division and the Springfield Police Department.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported 20 railcars of a 212-car Norfolk Southern freight train derailed while traveling southbound in Springfield.

A video shows the moment the freight train derailed.

A drone video reveals a variety of railcars, such as boxcars, hopper wagons, and what appear to be tanker cars, were involved in the derailment.

Local media reported that a hazmat crew had arrived at the incident area.

Clean-up operations by Norfolk Southern crews are expected soon.

Saturday’s train derailment occurred one month after the train crash in East Palestine.

… and this aged well.


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