ENB #128 Ronald Stein – “Clean” Energy Exploitation – A tough discussion about the move to net zero, science, and humanity. Can you sleep at night?

You know when the tagline of the book is “Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses that Support “Clean” Energy it is going to be a tough discussion.

I would like to thank Ronald Stein and Todd Royal for doing the research and bringing the facts and science to the discussion. We hit on some key topics, and none of them are saying we should not go to renewables; rather let’s look at the first, second, and third order of magnitude of negative impact.

Please check out the the book “Clean” Energy Exploitations HERE

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Thank you, Ronal for stopping by the podcast and I am looking forward to future discussions with you and Todd. – Stu

Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 – Intro

01:22 – What prompted you to start getting into this discussion of energy literacy?

3:03 – Your book talked about cobalt and in cobalt, specifically in the areas that it’s being mined, you had three and four-year-old kids that you were talking about working for $2.50.

05:17 – Talks about Recycling in the Book of Ronald Stein

08:19 – Tell me, what nameplate rating is, is that on the wind turbine activity?

09:38 – Talks about the Chapter on California and Germany

11:21 – They’re wanting to make the EVs bi-directional on that so they can pull power off the car into the grid

14:39 – If the Batteries are not Recyclable, How can they be a sustainable resource?

15:55 – As an Engineer, I thought the hybrid was the greatest invention ever

17:15 – Ford is losing 20 to $60000 per car when they sell one. How can you be sustainable?

21:00 – Talks about EVs and some issues they may give in the streets

23:36 – Talks about the Battery life Span of an EV

25:26 – Is California getting that way where they’re wanting to control 100% of the electricity?

27:21 – Everything that needs electricity is made with fossil fuels

28:42 – 60,000 power plants around the world

30:47 – I grew up, you know, helping, working with the engineering firm that basically designed and built refineries around the world.

33:40 – Why are the richer countries trying to shove a lousy energy policy that has not worked for California or Germany

34:52 – California buys 70% of the oil from Ecuador and the rest of the places that China pumps out of the rainforest they import 70% of that there is hypocrisy going on ain’t it?

36:52 – Talks about Solar Panels and Recycling

38:43 – Secretary Granholm and their problems that they have with having the permits the problems

40:54 – How are you envisioning people taking it to the next level? What are we got to do to solve the energy crisis?

42:48 – Talks about Ronald Stein`s Book and how they did a great job making it

45:02 – Outro

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