ENB #186 Our Freedoms Are At Stake – Do you have what it takes to stand up for your kids and country?

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It was an absolute blast to visit with Rye Barcott, and as a veteran, he has the drive, passion, and training to stand up for our country. Rye is an author, and Co-Founder and CEO of the With Honor organization. They are a cross-partisan movement dedicated to promoting and advancing principled veteran leadership to reduce polarization in Congress.

This was an absolutely fantastic discussion. I am flat tired of our political system, and we need people like Rye working with our great veterans on both sides of the aisle to get things moving. I want to be perfectly clear. I do not care if you’re a Republican or Democrat. We need to be humanity and America First. Period.

I was truly honored to have Rye talk about his service in our military and his work with Duke Energy. Duke Energy is always being used on my podcast as an energy company trying to deliver the lowest kWh to their consumers with the least impact on the environment. They have a tough job to do, and they have taken the path of using all forms of energy.

We need leaders that can work together. – Thank you, Rye, for your time, service, and leadership. I am looking forward to helping you spread the word about your work and get our great veterans into leadership positions. – Stu.

Contact and follow Rye on his LinedIn HERE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryebarcott/

Check out With Honor – HERE: https://withhonor.org/

If you are a politician running for office or an elected official, please reach out to me. As I have stated, I do not care about party lines. We have to be humans first and energy decisions have to be made to have the least impact on the environment while eliminating energy poverty.

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Highlights of the Podcast

01:46 – United States Marine

03:39 – Organization focused on fighting polarization in Congress

07:10 – Veterans in Congress

10:46 – The ultimate sacrifice

10:54 – About the next generation

15:08 – The China has over 30 major interconnects

18:23 – The Immigration

21:02 – Americans serve in the military

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Stuart Turley [00:00:08] Hello Everybody. You know what? We have got just a crazy time in the United States political field today. But I’ll tell you what. We need a little sanity on both sides of the aisle. Everybody that listen to this podcast knows I’m not a fan of political problems, but why am I talking to this guest today? Because he’s in the middle of it. He is God with honor. His name is Ryan Barcott, and I mean, he is in the middle of the belly of the beast up there in DC with a great organization. And he also knows a few of the folks that have been on my podcast before. Welcome, Rye Barcott, how are you today?

Rye Barcott [00:00:50] I’m doing great. Stu, great to be on, following, Zach Nunn, Air Force vet, who popped on last week at night.

Stuart Turley [00:00:58] I’ll tell you why he was such a fantastic interviewer. The bar is set really high for you right now. Of course, I was the worst podcast host that he’d ever been on, so, you know. Hey, thank you for your service, by the way. If you, any marine you gotta love, hug your local marine. Well done.

Rye Barcott [00:01:22] Well, Marines, we’re, we’re known for a few things. You know, modesty is not one of them. And so I will note that, among the caucus of veterans that with honor supports in the the US House, there are over 30 members, Republicans and Democrats who have actually taken a place that they’ll talk to each other and have trust and work on serious things together. But, but any group is disproportionately represented by, United States Marine. So there we go.

Stuart Turley [00:01:49] I love the Marines. You know, what’s always great is there’s two kinds of security alarms that you have to have in DC now, right? It’s either the biggest tennis shoes that you can find and put them in the back window. Nobody’s going to touch your car then. Right. Size 90 shoes. Right. Put them right in back. And they know that, you know that’s probably Shaq’s car. Nobody’s going to ever destroy it or put a marine sticker on there. And I guarantee it, no car has been stolen in DC with a marine logo on. I haven’t been, you know, challenged on that yet. Yeah, yeah. The worst thing about right is that everybody knows. No matter how old the marine is. He has several million other Marines that he can call up at any moment. So you don’t ever want to mess with.

Rye Barcott [00:02:45] Well, I love that. In the Marine Corps parlance, that would be making yourself a hard target by doing simple things like putting the ego of an anchor on your on your. I, I adopted that from my house, and, unfortunately, I have not been able to get a dog yet. That’s a conversation I’m having with my wife. But but I did put out, I found signs for, like, five bucks. It says beware of dog not responsible for injury or death.

Stuart Turley [00:03:13] I like that. You know, the only reason you should have a dog is to, scare the, so that you can reload or why reload? Grab another gun, you know. That’s what I always say. Don’t reload. But let’s talk about. You’re now in South Carolina, correct?

Rye Barcott [00:03:30] North Carolina, North Carolina.

Stuart Turley [00:03:31] Thank you. And so with honor, you have how many constituents out there that you’re working with? Yeah.

Rye Barcott [00:03:38] So our organization is really focused on on fighting our polarization in Congress. And, obviously, clearly we’ve done a hell of a job. I think, you know, we’re right around the corner to mission. Mission accomplished. But but actually, what we have done is we’ve we’ve helped elect a next generation of of veterans who have taken this pledge to serve with integrity, civility and the courage to work across party lines. And right now, in the House there, over 30 of them are Republicans and Democrats, and we’re roughly 50, 50, across party lines. Our political action committees helped help get them elected. We’re very active. This cycle will, on every election cycle screen, over 500 vets that end up running and, and then support a handful and help them, help them get elected. Because right now the the barriers to entry are really high, especially if you’re not, you know, independently wealthy or networked into the political class and you’re deploying all over the world. You’re generally, your odds of being either of those two are pretty low. So so what we’re doing is, is we’re working with the existing 30 members of Congress. It’s a group that Zach Nunn is a part of. It’s led by, Democrat Jason Crow, Army Ranger, and a Republican, Tony Gonzalez, who is a master chief in the Navy and a retired pathologist. And that group is has gotten over 150 lives the past, for the country and really focused on the 150, 150. And, you know, the average member of Congress is lucky if they see one law that that gets passed, that they’re able to champion. But this is the power of uniting as a group, frankly, having the cohesion of having served in the military, where when, you know, when I was in the Marine Corps, I it did not make one lick of difference what the, political party was, what the religious ethnicity. I mean, you know, you know, it did not matter. We had a mission that was higher than any of that, and that was for the good of the United States of America. And that’s that’s what that’s what we’re about here.

Stuart Turley [00:05:46] I want to go on record. I do not care. Everybody says that you should be. You know, I don’t care about your race. I don’t care about you. I don’t care about your religion. I care that you’re a human. And I don’t care if you’re Democrat or you’re a Republican. If you don’t have humanity first and meaning America first. I’m really not kind of happy with you anymore. Yeah, I put an America first humanity and Christianity and. And by the way, if you want to have your own religion, that’s okay too. I’m okay with that. I don’t care, but let’s put America people Democrat, Republican, I don’t care. Let’s be Americans. And and if you can news if you’re.

Rye Barcott [00:06:34] Going to serve, you know, serve you listen everybody’s got an ego. We get that. I understand that, but, what we’re looking for are members that are going to come into this, view it as a hardship tour, not look at it as a career. This is a hardship tour for the country, just like what we did in the Marines. Did in the military. And, and sign me up. You know, you know, you my duty and all and I’ll, you know, citizen soldier, the citizen soldier. History of of of America. The other thing that’s really interesting about our history is that in Congress not too long ago, I mean, within my lifetime, I was born in 1979. Within my lifetime, Congress was over 70% were veterans. From from all walks of life. Over 70. Well, that representation now is below 20%. And, you don’t just think we know that it has something to do with the dysfunction of that place, because there. Just fewer fewer places where, people can just talk and have real trust across party lines and then get. Tough done, because that’s the only way that things are going to get done is if you actually are able to talk to each other and trust each other and are just continuously subjecting every single daggone issue to a culture war.

Stuart Turley [00:07:44] Will you bring it up some really big, big pain points here? You know, and when we sit back and take a look, it is a military guy. My dad retired as chief of staff of the Eighth Air Force, so I, I was, around the military boy triangle up around him. I mean, yes, sir was part of my vocabulary, and I did not screw up very often, believe me. Anyway, so you don’t get to that,.

Rye Barcott [00:08:13] I believe.

Stuart Turley [00:08:14] Yeah. You don’t get to that level without. Yes, sir. And. Anyway,

Rye Barcott [00:08:21] So you’re saying he was. He was chief of staff of the Air Force.

Stuart Turley [00:08:23] At the Eighth Air Force.

Rye Barcott [00:08:25] Of the eighth air. Wow

Stuart Turley [00:08:26] He was a, a fighter pilot in Vietnam. And, was shot at all the time. He was the only one that came back from Vietnam, from all of his friends. They were all shot down. So, I’ve had some wild discussions with him, and I hated, being. I can understand why, military, moms, have it so tough because, I can’t imagine raising me, you know, with my dad in Vietnam. It was awful because every night you would see an f four being shot down on the news, and we would know for weeks whether it was my dad or not. Military service now is different because you can text them and say, hey, did you get back from your shift? Did you get back? It’s a little different now.

Rye Barcott [00:09:17] It’s different. It is different. And but one thing that hasn’t changed is that that that service is happens both ways. And the spouses and the kids frankly serve. Two it is a it’s an all family, all in commitment. For those like your father who make it a career.

Stuart Turley [00:09:34] And all of his friends, were shot down. He didn’t make it back. I have not seen my dad cry all the way through until he, was there with his mom when he was retiring. And they had a whole squadron of B-52s and all the other ones for about that high over. I’ve never seen B-52, the whole squadron go. And. And his mom was sitting there. He goes, do you miss your friends? And that’s the first time I ever saw my dad cry. And I mean, that says it all right there, guys. Don’t forget that.

Rye Barcott [00:10:09] Thing for sure.

Stuart Turley [00:10:09] Sorry. We just we, you know,

Rye Barcott [00:10:13] it’s such a human. It it’s it’s like, you know, this and I mean that, one of the first bills that this group got behind in Congress was to authorize the building of a memorial for the global war on terrorism, on the on the National Mall, and to recognize those that made the ultimate sacrifice. And in many of our wars, we don’t actually build the memorials until, you know, half of the vets are long gone with their families. And we’re going to do something different about that. So that got authorized, here and now. Now the vets are underway to, to to to recognize especially especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And and what the, you know, the burden that their families carried forward after that.

Stuart Turley [00:10:52] You know, this is such that you’re you’re thinking about the next generation because like, in, energy, we are having a major problem, the next generation coming into the workforce like we were talking about, before the show. Duke energy love. Duke energy. They’ve always had the right, way of looking at the lowest cost kilowatt per hour to their consumers. And and they always try to do the right things. But when we take a look at not only, energy. We take a look at. There’s some real discussions going on. I don’t know how our crew, the next generation of, Marines of, Air Force men and women can come in to this, bipolar mix, if you would, Democrat or Republican, trying to get things done when we have such, huge issues like the border, like our budgets and all of those kind of things. How does that how do you recruit for that kind of a thing? Does that make sense?

Rye Barcott [00:12:03] Yeah, it sure does. I mean, I think we go back to the whole notion on service and saying, listen, you can actually make a change in the country. And by the way, I think, I do think the trajectory of our freedoms is at stake. In our lifetimes, I never really felt that once when we started the organization, I thought, you know, this is it’s very important to serve. But I didn’t think it was potentially, you know, an existential type question in our lifetime. I do believe it is right now. And we need, next generation leadership. We need adults in the room that will say, listen, I don’t know all the answers. You know, I don’t know all the answers. I especially don’t know all the answers of something as complicated as you know what the optimal energy mix should be in the United States. Because, of course, once you actually start drilling down in that it’s state by state and it rests on a lot of different factors, and cost is different. Based on, you know, what, the energy mix and lots of lots of different things. But we need people that will say, have the humility to say, listen, I don’t know the answer, but I’m going to listen with both my ears. You know, I got one mouth, two ears for a reason. I’m going to listen. I’m going to talk to people that have viewpoints that are different from my own. And we’re going to actually, you know, come up with something that’s constructive and it’s not just going to jam down with one party vote. Why? Because what business really needs in the United States is predictability. And anyone that passes with just one party vote that gets jammed down is more likely than not going to get overturned or unready, you know? So it’s like, let’s do things that are long term and in the interests of the country and not just always be, looking for the next soundbite so that you can, you know, drop your bomb in the culture war pile and then go raise small dollar, you know, money off of it with these obnoxious emails that I’m sure many of us, receive, you know, saying, yeah, give me $5 by, you know, midnight or, you know, yeah, the world’s going to fall down or whatever.

Stuart Turley [00:13:52] You know, the, the fun thing is, is that you’ve got your, your, group that you’re trying to to help go through. And how many are Democrat? How many are Republican? Right. Yeah.

Rye Barcott [00:14:03] Great question. So we we invest our capital to help get these vets recruited, elected and then in office and we work alongside them, roughly 5050 as an organization.

Stuart Turley [00:14:14] Right.

Rye Barcott [00:14:14] The balance kind of shifts from depending on what cycle we’re in. We were a little bit heavier Democrat, in the first cycle. Now we’re a little heavier Republican, but it’s roughly within that sort of 60, 40, balance for the for the group. And you should, you know, please check us out. For for the folks that are tuning in, it’s, with honor.org, you can go and see the the members of the caucus. It’s currently I mentioned two of the leaders. The vice chairs are Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Really inspiring that a medical doctor, an army officer out of Iowa Republican, and Mikey Sherrill, a, helicopter pilot from the Navy for kids, former federal prosecutor, Democrat out of, new Jersey.

Stuart Turley [00:14:53] Let me throw this ugly squirrel at you here. And so, mean this is a pretty ugly one. I was interviewing Michael yon, let me let me do a little bit of a round robin story here. Sure. The China has over 30 major interconnects that they can now remote into. I mean, we’re talking major interconnects into the U.S.. They can shut down gigantic sections of the grid immediately. Now, part of that is this Bible. And remember this Bible that went ripping across. Well, guess what they just admitted last week that, oh, by the way, it tied into the internet when it was here. Well, I talked to some security experts, about what was going on and how that works with the technology into the grid. Well, turns out I was also interviewing Michael Yon, who was a war correspondent. He was in, Panama. He there is a war, a Chinese military camp in Panama that has had 10,800 people come in. Chinese military aged men come in in the last 100 days. Well, now, my caucus, our secretary of, Homeland security, he has videos of him landing in there in, I believe it was October last year in that camp. I’ll have to check the date. He’s giving me the video. He also. That camp has been increased since my orcas has been there. So if we’ve had 10,000 military age men come in from there, Mayaguez has been to this base. The grid is now compromised because of the balloon. You can see where I’m going with this one. How can any Democrat or anyone vote against that? You know, if you’re a Democrat, all Democrats have been voting for the open border. Right. If you’re. I’m just asking. Yeah. Yes it is. It’s.

Rye Barcott [00:17:20] Kind of stuff is completely believable. We are asleep at the wheel. One of the reasons why we’re asleep at the wheel is because our tribes are not talking to each other. We know we have. This unified. Front. And Mike Gallagher, who I served in the same unit as me and is in the four country caucuses, is great guys out of , Wisconsin. He’s now the chair of the House Select Committee on the, Chinese Communist Party, not on China, on the Chinese Communist Party. They’re two different things. And and

Stuart Turley [00:17:50]  I like .

Rye Barcott [00:17:51] Partizan to actually work on serious issues like this one. I mean, clearly they’re targeting our our critical infrastructure. Let’s get out of the way of ourselves and actually do something about it. And, I’m glad that the the vets that’s in Congress are focused on this, I hope I hope to see some real traction, even though it’s going to be hard this year. I mean, we’re in an election cycle. It’s a bananas election cycle. It’s going to be hard to actually keep the adults at the table and have serious conversations, often quiet. They can actually get things done. But it’s it’s so we’re in and just you know, Stu, you mentioned the immigration piece. It’s not an area that I know a lot about. You know, with honor we focus mostly on national security. It is a national security issue, but it’s a lot of our work is overseas looking at China, Ukraine.

Stuart Turley [00:18:36] Yeah,

Rye Barcott [00:18:38]  etc.. But, but one thing that I was always struck with was, you know, there was a, there was an immigration proposal that was put forward in the Bush administration that has a lot of Democratic support, that like, has a lot of good ideas behind it. Right. But just didn’t go anywhere. And so let’s find the there’s like lots of stuff that we can agree on. Instead of trying to pack everything into doing one thing, let’s address the issues. Address the immediate crisis at the border. Right. Gonzalez, who’s the co-chair of the four country caucus. He’s living this every day. He’s got the largest border district right there stretching along the Rio Grande. Let’s shut this down. It’s it’s, and, you know, this is America. It clearly we can do this.

Stuart Turley [00:19:23] I’m going to visit with him and get his just is how is this impacting energy? Because our group, our our millions and millions of folks that read our our articles are all about energy. Well

Rye Barcott [00:19:37] I’m sure I’d love to talk to you. And, I mean, it’s another example of where here’s a reasonable person who’s really inspiring. He’s got, you know, five kids, is a retired Navy master chief, one of the most respected Navy. Yes, yes. Like under, you know, just a little over 40. And he’s now got like five, primary opponents attacking him from his right flank. Why? Because he actually talks to Democrats. He actually tries to solve problems. He tries to get things done. He co-chairs things like the four country caucus. So anyhow, I’m sure I’d love to, to come on to, to the show and, would be, you know, honored to be able to connect some of those dots.

Stuart Turley [00:20:15] Oh, well, but, you know, your mission is so critical right now, right? I mean, being able to talk to both sides is the only way we’re going to get out of this. If we. You can’t be an either or anymore. You got to be America first. If we’re not America first, we’re not going to make.

Rye Barcott [00:20:36] That’s right, that’s right. And this is a group I mean, chat check again to, check them out. They’re they’re good. Great group of patriots. 30 of them, all of whom rose their hand and took an oath and that of said that I will give if called upon up to and including my life for my country.

Stuart Turley [00:20:53] Exactly.

Rye Barcott [00:20:54] I would do. That less than 1% of Americans serve now. It’s something we’re trying to do something about. We’re in a recruiting crisis in the military, but less than 1% of Americans serve in the military. Less than 2% serve in any type of service, you know, teachers, civilian service, etc. like, let’s serve things that are better. This country is an amazing country, but it’s not. We can’t just take it for granted

Stuart Turley [00:21:15] And, you know. Right. Even though the the folks that, when you’re in the military, the guy sitting next to you going through your training, everything else, they’re ear buds for life. I mean, that’s it. You gotta bond for life. But people also don’t know. We’re entering into some difficult times and people don’t know how they’re going to react. There’s always these two kinds of people dead or the ones that react. And my wife is one of those poor that just something bad’s happening and she stands there, boom, she’s going to get run over by a car. I mean, it’s just the way it is. I’m one of those guys that I know what bad thing is going to happen, and I react and I know how I’m going to react. I’ve had to step in and save people. And, you know, whether you’re that kind of person that will put your life on the line for others, and I know I am because I have and it hurt. But it worked. So, you know, but you know my point.

Rye Barcott [00:22:20] And I’m sure she covers yours in other ways as well, right?

Stuart Turley [00:22:25] So many different ways. Yeah. I wouldn’t want to be married to me, let alone 37 years.

Rye Barcott [00:22:34] Oh. That’s awesome. Congrats.

Stuart Turley [00:22:35] Oh, it was a great year. Yeah. Now. So what’s coming.

Rye Barcott [00:22:39] Up, by the way? Do I just want to share with you. I had a, unfortunately, you know, a friend from the military that, that passed away, and, and one of my buddies who who knew, went up to his son and he said this line. I just love the line. He said, you know, your father was my friend, and so I am yours.

Stuart Turley [00:23:00] Nice.

Rye Barcott [00:23:01] Yeah. Just like that. You know, it’s going to carry that forward.

Stuart Turley [00:23:06] That means a lot to that, son. Yeah. My my dad, took over the wing from Jim Naylor in Dyess Air Force Base. His kids, Jim Naylor. He was a World War two pilot that bombed Germany. Got his testicles shot off over Germany. That kind of. I’m a little attached to mine. I don’t know about you. Anyway, so he flew the, the, 14 Liberator, damaged, missing part of the wing. co-pilot’s dead, and he crashed it in England. They sewed him up, and two weeks later, he’s bombing Germany again.

Rye Barcott [00:23:50] Wow.

Stuart Turley [00:23:52] This guy is amazing. And so my dad got after he was there and getting buried. His kids still think I still talk to my dad all the time because he is the last. My dad is the last link to them that makes a difference for vets to be able kids to talk to the other vets

Rye Barcott [00:24:18] 100%. Wow. But, God bless all of our World War two. That’s. I mean, we’re less than, also less than 10% that are still alive. We were fortunate with honor to have, two of them, including one who is doing their his national funeral, tomorrow. As a matter of fact, doctor, Henry Kissinger, served on our advisory board along with his friend, George Schultz. George Shultz was a company commander on Iwo Jima. And, Doctor Kissinger, I just reread some of his, some of his experience of World War Two, which he never talked about, but he was awarded a Bronze Star for, basically hunting Gestapo behind enemy lines in, in war torn Germany and.

Stuart Turley [00:25:00] Wow.

Rye Barcott [00:25:01] Yeah. And that, that, that, that, that service, that turmoil that we went through as a country, you know, obviously united us and we came out of it stronger. And we’re just it just feels like we’re in a moment of time where we’re we need we’re rudderless, like we need a larger calling. As a country

Stuart Turley [00:25:17]  we need people like you, like your fellow, military folks and people with me, willing to stand up and citizen journalists, if you would, to get the word out. People are tired of. And we are Americans first, regardless of skin color. If you’re a human, I care about you. You know, look, let’s get people here legally. And, you know.

Rye Barcott [00:25:53] The thing I would say, too, just like thinking about the Kissinger example. And God bless him, right? I mean, over 100 years old, he was contributing to the very end writing books on on artificial intelligence. I mean, and, you know, I mean, what a what a what a giant. But, I use the word hunting Gestapo. He would have taken an offense at that. He would have said, no, I we we identified him and then he did it in a humane way. He used the, like other Germans that were, turning these folks over, and he turned them over, and he was able to keep the keep the trust in the community. It wasn’t like an it wasn’t it wasn’t out of a place of, well, anyways, that’s the bottom line is that he got the mission done. And veterans understand that when war happens, it’s a failure, like it is a failure. They they’re it can be justified, for sure. And that was the ultimate just war. But it is a failure of imagination. It’s a failure of leadership. And we’re at a moment that feels like we could be at a brink of, like a major, you know, international war. And just think about the what’s happening right now and, Israel and Gaza, on the Ukraine, we’re about to lead a bipartisan hotel to Ukraine for the second anniversary of the war. Right. But we really, we need we need good leaders that don’t just decide that they’re going to rush to banking or, you know, technology companies and, you know, maximize their, their, their private returns. I get that this is America. It’s capitalism, like, I understand, but we also need Americans that will put their hands up, serve. And they continue to serve and in elected office, which is, you know, one of the least trusted and least respected jobs, but still matters for the country.

Stuart Turley [00:27:36] We can bring honor back.

Rye Barcott [00:27:38] Yes.

Stuart Turley [00:27:39] Oh, maybe with honor again. Yeah.

Rye Barcott [00:27:44] Yeah, with honor again?

Stuart Turley [00:27:45] Yeah. Let’s do it again. Yeah. You know, the. Or honor retreads. So if you’re already a military guy, it’d be a retread. You know, we call them. Never mind. So why don’t you come back on the podcast again? If. If you come back again, we can call your retread saying.

Rye Barcott [00:28:04] Well, of course the answer is yes to that. I really enjoy this conversation and I love that as an as an idea, you know, I mean, listen, a lot of the, a lot of getting anything done in the world is communicating and communicating well. And we’re really kind of big fractured country. And, we’ve got all sorts of different channels that are coming at us and coming at our kids, and, and, and putting, you know, poison in their minds. And, and what we need are good communicators that can, that can unite us and focus on those things that can unite us and then and then really get some things done for the good of, our country.

Stuart Turley [00:28:40] Right. How do people follow you on LinkedIn? I’ll have that in the show notes, but, what else can how else can people get Ahold of you or find out what you’re doing?

Rye Barcott [00:28:49] Thanks, Stu. So best best way would be to check out with honor dot org, please. We sign up, you’ll you’ll see a little pop there for the email. We don’t we don’t do traditional emails. We keep it, focused on what’s really happening. It’s not a fundraising tool. It’s, it’s it’s a way for you to follow and contribute to these principled veterans that are working to to fix the country. And, and we’re on LinkedIn. We’re on all the platforms. I’m up on there, and we’d love to love to hear from you. And if you’re interested in if you’ve served in the military or your spouse and, sir, please, please reach out. And if you’re interested in what we’re doing and potentially, serving again and in some other capacity.

Stuart Turley [00:29:27] You know, right. Thank you so much. And I just appreciate all of the folks that you’re working with up there. I want to help, you know, spread the word. I don’t care, Republican, Democrat. I don’t care if they’re human and they’re an American. I don’t want to talk to.

Rye Barcott [00:29:44] So, yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:29:44] Thank you so much

Rye Barcott [00:29:48] You got it. Thanks so much Stu, I appreciate it.

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