Switzerland Looks To Cut Natural Gas Usage 15% In Winter The Daily Financial Trends

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Switzerland is looking to cut natural gas usage in the country by 15% from October to March of this winter season, compared to the average consumption over the last five years.

The country’s Federal Council is attempting to follow the European Union, which set the same target for itself a month ago, in anticipation of possible disruptions to Russian gas supplies.

Public institutions, services sector companies, industrial properties, and Swiss households have all been asked to reduce the temperatures they keep their homes at to reduce their natural gas consumption. Because heating accounts for three quarters of winter gas consumption, if everyone lowers their thermostat just one degree analysts estimate it can save 5 to 6% of the period’s energy usage, according to the government.

The government has also requested that those who can, switch any dual fuel installations from gas to heating oil, which could produce a savings of 20% of total consumption.

The council also recommended that individuals unplug any unused appliances and computers, make more efficient use of office spaces, and where possible offer employees the option of working from home, all to increase the energy savings.

Switzerland developed an energy plan last month for use in case of an energy crisis affecting the supply of natural gas or electricity. The multi-step plan ranges from utilization f public awareness campaigns calling for energy conservation, to rationing of energy supplies for roughly 30,000 large energy consumers in the nation the government has identified.

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