ENB #136 ENB Meghan Lapp, Fisheries Liaison for Seafreeze Shoreside – Saving Marine Life, Whales, and Mariners

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This is a wild discussion of energy and ecology hypocrisy. It is absolutely an abomination that the current administration of major wind corporations does not care that their projects are increasing the cost of electricity to consumers while destroying the migratory path for whales and marine life.

Meghan is doing the job of an entire department with an unrivaled passion. Also, check out David Backmon’s interview and articles on this subject.

The Whales are being destroyed during the underwater seismic studies. Megan has more than enough evidence to articulate the cause and effect of the wind industry on the whales.

Thank you, Meghan, for stopping by the Podcast and let us know how we can help get the word out to everyone to save the whales, marine life, and mariners trying to feed the U.S. Citizens. – Stu

Full Transcript and additional documentation being added.

00:00 Intro to Meghan Lapp – Testifying before Congress on Fox and other news channels

03:15 Meghan talks about all of the organizations she works with.

09:14 Court of Appeals to stop construction

17:39 What kind of whales are being killed

24:19 Energy Hypocrisy

25:15 Offshore wind hurts local temperature

37:28 Oil saved the whales; energy is now killing them

41:01 Only financial issues will save the whales

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